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Web Hosting Provider Mega Hosters Aquires Logic Internet
00:42:56 - 30 October 2006


Web hosting provider Mega Hosters Inc. has acquired Logic Internet (logicinternet.com), a private company in the business of shared web hosting. Mega Hosters Inc. acquired Logic Internet on a cash basis.

“This acquisition will bring over Logic Internet’s customer base to our own state of the art hosting platform,” stated Clinton Jendyk, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mega Hosters Inc. “Customers from Logic Internet will now benefit from a dedicated team of sales and support specialists, an expansive network and. Furthermore, Logic Internet’s customers will enjoy a wider range of services at very competitive prices”, he added.

About Mega Hosters Inc.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada in 1999, Mega Hosters Inc. (www.megahosters.com) began as a web design company under the name Neuro Nitrate Web Design (neuronitrate.com). As our design clients usually needed web hosting our natural progression was in to the business. In January of 2002 we started the Mega Hosters brand and moved our focus more towards Web Hosting and Serving our clients needs to the highest industry level. It was not uncommon to hear “You guys went beyond what I expected!” and “My last host would never have done that for me.” from clients of ours who needed our assistance with anything from transferring over their new account or getting obscure support for their existing account.


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