PromotionWorld Launches User Friendly Additions to its SEO Tools

17:21:51 - 28 January 2005

PromotionWorld’s SEO Tool Kit is now available without login for most of the tools.

January 28, 2005 - San Diego, CA - DevStart, Inc. (www.devstart.com) announced that the network site PromotionWorld has re-launched with a greater emphasis on editorial content, a streamlined navigation, and significant improvements to the collection of 13 free Search Engine Optimization tools. The tools, designed to help SEOs and site owners to monitor the search engine optimization process, are now easier to use thanks to fewer restrictions and greater documentation.

Addressing the concerns of visitors, DevStart removed the requirement for a free registration for most of the SEO tools.  Registration is now only required for tools that help a user keep track of data over time.  The login process has been redefined also to make it even easier to use.

"PromotionWorld is one of the best resources available for webmasters who want to build traffic through promotion.  The changes to the site represent our first steps in making the site even more accessible to visitors," says Darren Tabor, CEO of DevStart, Inc. 

Search Engine Optimization has emerged as one of the hottest subjects in Internet marketing, and PromotionWorld leads the charge by providing web masters and site owners with the opportunity to learn online and to implement the latest SEO strategies.

"Looking into the future, PromotionWorld is aimed to become a strategy center for web promotion and search engine optimization industry," says Milena Sotirova, Editor of DevStart, Inc.

PromotionWorld has been delivering leading-edge web promotion solutions for years.  The website's search engine optimization and web site marketing information and tools utilize new technologies to tune the SEO process with outstanding results.

PromotionWorld releases a free Newsletter rich on research information and web promotion and SEO tips. The new editions will provide set of industry article and news and information about the new available resources on the site. Newsletter subscribe is available from http://www.promotionworld.com/informer/.
SEO Tools are available on http://www.promotionworld.com/tools/.

For more information, visit http://www.promotionworld.com.

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