Microsoft Commits $3.5 Million to Tsunami Relief Efforts

11:23:40 - 31 December 2004

The employees of Microsoft Corp. (www.microsoft.com) express their deepest sympathy to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami. In response to this tragic event, the company is announcing a commitment of $3.5 million (U.S.) in financial support for relief and recovery efforts.

"Our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this terrible tragedy," said Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer. "Microsoft is committed to helping governments and relief organizations in the recovery effort through financial donations, technical resources and volunteer support."

Microsoft's donation will include $2 million in immediate corporate contributions to local and international relief agencies. The company projects that its matching of employee charitable contributions worldwide will provide an additional $1.5 million in corporate donations to relief agencies.

"The outpouring of concern and commitment from our employees has been phenomenal. Our people all around the world want to help," Ballmer said. "If our employees contribute more than we are projecting, then our corporate donation would go up as well."

The company's donation announcement is an extension of efforts already underway by local Microsoft subsidiaries in the affected region and around the world. Immediately following the disaster, local Microsoft offices worked to respond in concert with local nonprofit agencies and other efforts on the ground.

To date, the company has assisted with funding, technical assistance and other resources in Indonesia through Palang Merah (Indonesian Red Cross); in Sri Lanka through Sarvodaya; in India through MS Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF); and in Thailand through the Office of the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund.


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