DevStart, Inc. Launches Innovative Search Engine Optimization Tools on its PromotionWorld.com Site

00:00:00 - 19 August 2004

San Diego, California - August 19, 2004 - DevStart, Inc., the leading network for hosting, scripts and web promotion resources, tools and news announced today that PromotionWorld launched its free search engine optimization and webmaster toolkit.

The Toolkit includes search engine optimization and webmaster tools to help developers and site owners achieve better search engine placement. The Tools are part of an exciting new release for PromotionWorld specializing in providing free online resources.

"With the availability of tools such as Google AdSense Graphs, Google AdSense Tool, Keyword Ranking Monitor, Backlink Tracker and more, PromotionWorld once again shows its leadership and commitment to the fast growing world of web promotion and search engine optimization (SEO)," said Dan Hoffman, CEO of DevStart, Inc.

Among those tools available include Search Engine Submission Meta Tag Generator, Search Engine Position Analyzer, Keyword Ranking Monitor, Keyword Suggestion Tool, Backlink Tracker Tool, Google AdSense Graphs, Google AdSense Tool, Free Search For Your Website, Free Web Counter, Website Location Tool, Google All Datacenters Watch Tool, and Google PageRank Tool.

An example of the high quality tools is the Keyword Ranking Monitor which performs searches for site positioning at the major search engines. The tool is equipped with additional meta tool features, giving results for keyword popularity and a sophisticated database providing the option for users' data to be stored so future comparisons can be made. The corresponding users data such as URLs, selected keywords and login information data are securely stored and leveraged for the users convenience.

The facilitation levels of the PromotionWorld Search Engine Optimization Toolkit are guaranteed by user friendly navigation and accompany explanations. SEO Tools are the latest innovations in search engine optimization software corresponding to the newest research in the industry.

"This SEO Toolkit is an achievement for PromotionWorld in its way to become a leading information source and online business solutions center in the web promotion industry," says Milena Sotirova, Editor of DevStart, Inc.

In an effort to provide more and better service to its users DevStart and PromotionWorld.com as a part of the network, strive to achieve the goal of providing free online access to the contemporary tools and information in an attempt to improve the industry technology level.

To keep members informed of the new features, PromotionWorld provides an option for Newsletter subscriptions and access to research information. The newsletter series provides industry articles, news and information about the new available resources on the site.

The SEO Toolkit is available at http://www.promotionworld.com/tools/.

For more information, visit http://www.promotionworld.com.

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