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Verio Releases Industry's First Full Suite Of IPv6 Managed Services
00:00:00 - 15 June 2004

Enhanced Portfolio EasesEnterprise Deployment and Integration of IPv6 Technology

SANTA MONICA, Calif., North American IPv6 SUMMIT 2004, June 15, 2004 - Verio, a subsidiary of NTT Communications and a leader in global IP solutions, today announced expanded functionality of the industry's first large-scale Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) commercial offering in North America. The NTT/VERIO IPv6 Gateway Services will now feature enhanced applications and support to enable companies to easily deploy IPv6-enabled devices.

Verio's ongoing commitment to deploy IPv6 services in North America is fueled by the multiple benefits that the next generation Internet platform delivers. Since the initial introduction of NTT/VERIO commercial IPv6 Gateway Services last December, companies have been able to take advantage of IPv6's enablement of secure point-to-point networking. This ubiquitous point-to-point communication between any and all appliances can enable traveling executives, for example, to securely view images from and control an IPv6-enabled security camera located at home, or commerce partners to conduct a secure video conference meeting over the Internet.

New IPv6 applications that Verio announced today include:

Managed Router Service which provides customer support for end user hardware devices. Verio ensures that IPv6-enabled devices meet network objectives at the fault management, configuration, accounting, performance and security levels. NxT1 ('number' x T1) support which enables multiple T1 connections to simultaneously carry traffic to and from a customer's site.
Shadow Service backup solution which offers customers an added layer of redundancy for their primary Internet connection in the event of a failure. Frame Relay support --the packet-switching protocol that connects devices on a Wide Area Network-- will be included in the IPv6 Gateway Services for companies that need frame connections from fractional T1 through full T3 speeds.
"As a global advanced networking and security provider, Juniper Networks' business relies on a very high standard of corporate Internet access," said Kim Perdikou, Chief Information Officer, Juniper Networks. "We tapped the NTT/VERIO IPv6 service, and are delighted with the stability of the solution. Apart from highly reliable and cost-effective service, the NTT/VERIO IPv4/v6 Dual Service gives us both IPv4 and native IPv6 connectivity. IPv6 functionality is a hallmark of our solutions, and support for IPv6 applications now and in the future is important both to our customers and to Juniper Networks," she added.

"Deployments of IPv6 protocol need to be as easy and as quick as possible to enable companies to take full advantage of this next-generation protocol," said Yukimasa Ito, president, NTT Communications Global IP Network. "A growing number of U.S.-based organizations in government, healthcare, academia and research have been assessing the benefits of deploying IPv6-based networks, and with this launch of enhanced NTT/VERIO services, we expect this momentum to continue at a much faster rate."

NTT/VERIO IPv6 Gateway Services, delivered over the newly upgraded NTT/VERIO Global IP Network, consists of three different solutions: IPv6 Native Service offers customers a dedicated IPv6 connection, while IPv6 Tunneling Service uses an existing IPv4 connection. The third solution, IPv6 Dual Stack Services, delivers a balance of both native and tunneling services. Verio has been testing and deploying IPv6 Gateway Services for a diverse group of organizations, including technology companies, universities and research institutions.

"Verio continues to emerge as a leader of the IPv6 movement here in North America, and these enhancements to its offering will help to further IPv6 adoption, including the development and commercialization of v6-enabled applications and appliances that will drive more widespread deployment," said Alex Lightman, conference chairman of the North American IPv6 Summit 2004.

Additional future enhancements of NTT/VERIO IPv6 Gateway Services will allow customers to benefit from many features exclusive to IPv6, including augmented Virtual Private Network product offerings.

Verio, the official provider of IPv6 connectivity to this week's North American IPv6 Summit 2004 in Santa Monica., Calif., June 15-17, will offer all Summit attendees free IPv6 access while at the event. Verio will also lead a conference session on the security benefits of IPv6, examining how the protocol delivers end-to-end secure communication. As an event sponsor, Verio will demonstrate the capabilities of the NTT/VERIO Global IPv6 Backbone and show real-world applications and products at the summit event.

NTT/VERIO North American IPv6 Gateway Native, Tunneling and Dual Stack Services are available immediately to customers nationwide. More information on NTT/VERIO North American IPv6 Gateway Services can be found at www.verio.com/access/ipv6.cfm. Information on IPv6 Gateway Services offerings worldwide can be found at www.nttverio.com/en_US/products/products.cfm?product=ns_ipv6.

NTT Com and Verio IPv6 Gateway Services
NTT Com, Verio's parent company, is supporting Verio's IPv6 offering on its NTT/VERIO Global IPv6 backbone network, which is delivering commercial service in many countries in Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia; as well as Europe, including Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Spain. NTT Com, which currently provides IPv6 to hundreds of customers around the globe, is the only commercial provider to offer IPv6 with such comprehensive, international coverage.

About Verio
Verio Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications (NTT Com), which provides long distance and international telecommunications reaching over 200 countries worldwide. Verio is one of the world's largest operators of Web sites for businesses and a leading provider of global IP solutions. NTT Com and Verio market their global IP solutions under the NTT/VERIO brand. The company offers businesses a broad range of Internet services, including Web hosting, dedicated access, virtual private networks, and managed service offerings, among other enhanced services. Verio supports its operations with highly reliable and scalable global infrastructure and systems including the NTT/VERIO Global IP Network, and provides Web hosting services to customers in more than 146 countries. The combination of Verio and NTT Com offers services to meet the growing and diverse needs of all businesses, including small to medium businesses, large global enterprises and multi-national corporations. More information can be found at www.verio.com and www.ntt.com/index-e.html.


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