LFC Hosting Sets a new standard in hosting management

00:00:00 - 08 May 2003

Robert Sauchyn, LFC CEO, says, "Our new state-of-the-art control panel offers unsurpassed administration of new technologies such as .NET while breaking new ground in the industry with the automation of those features that we have always provided, such as FrontPage, SQL Server and mySQL, DNS, and daily file/database backups."

Try a Live Demo of LFC Hosting's new Control Panel v.3 and discover the future of hosting management:


Webmasters who are able to control every aspect of their web presence themselves have a key advantage. Programmatic administration is faster, more straightforward and drastically reduces the margin for error. LFC Hosting's advanced automation eliminates many of the manual tasks typically associated with the maintenance of a website and makes self-help a breeze, giving LFC's clients the distinct advantage over their competition.

With the new LFC Control Panel v.3, all of the following features, and much more, are provided free-of-charge to their clients with all of our business-level plans starting at only $3.60/domain:

- Live domain/registration status
- Interactive news
- On-the-fly domain name administration
- Unmatched e-mail administration with advanced spam filtration, e-mail blocking, automatic e-mail client configuration, and much more
- Innovative FrontPage administration with custom FrontPage logins, troubleshooting resources and detailed visual documentation
- Live DSN administration for all popular databases
- Sophisticated SQL Server 7 and 2000, mySQL, and DB user administration
- Effortless IIS and ASP.NET security administration
- Custom error pages
- Password protection with the click of a button
- FTP login administration
- Advanced live DNS administration
- On-the-fly log analysis and raw log administration
- Customized control panel security and logins for your staff
- Hassle-free web-based mailing list administration
- Instant selective file/database backup restores and downloads by day
- Unsurpassed reseller administration including customization and branding of all above features, automatic billing notifications and invoicing, and much more (Reseller plan only)
- Online file management
- Integrated Webmail, live technical support chat and ticket system
- Organized, clear, and extensive documentation
- Account management and on-the-fly invoice generation
- Nightly disk space and bandwidth usage indexing
- Network tools, programming guides, and online debugging tools
- Client forums
- Live server and uptime statistics

Andrew MacCorquodale, LFC VP says, "The new LFC Control Panel v.3 is likely the most powerful control panel offered by any virtual hosting company and will propel LFC Hosting to a leading position in the market of quality small to medium-sized business hosting services."

For details on the LFC Control Panel v.3, please see: http://lfchosting.com/support_cp.shtml

LFC is a sound web hosting and e-commerce solution provider that has grown rapidly since their launch in 1996 because of their unique approach to web hosting: They offer a competitive, flat rate service including everything a business of any size needs to develop, deploy, and manage an aggressive, profitable, enterprise-level presence on the Internet, vital for survival in today's marketplace. LFC Hosting welcomes you to visit their website today to compare LFC Hosting with your current hosting service, and find out how LFC can allow your business to take advantage of new possibilities online, before your competition does. More information on LFC Hosting's innovative hosting services can be found at:


Try the new LFC Control Panel v.3 today and discover what you are missing with your current web host!


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