Mycom Group Acquires Maximize I. T., Security Products and Managed Services

00:00:00 - 03 February 2003

CINCINNATI, Feb 3, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mycom Group, Inc. (MYCO) , a technology products, services, and software development company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, announced completion of its' acquisition of the assets of Maximize I.T. Inc., a privately-held, managed services provider and technology products development company. The purchase price includes 2,000,000 shares of Mycom Convertible Preferred Stock, valued at 15 cents per share, plus assumption of certain liabilities.

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The acquisition of Maximize I.T. advances Mycom into the rapidly growing Security Technology Products and Services arena, adds about $1,000,000 of revenue, and expands Mycom's technical services and new product development capabilities.

Maximize I.T. is staffed with the engineers and technicians needed to support the growing email security, SPAM and virus protection business segment. In addition to providing MailMax service to over 100 companies in North America, the company also provides managed technical security services to leading banks, law firms, and businesses throughout the tri-state region.

Maximize I.T.'s CEO, Todd Hinners will be appointed to the Mycom Group's Board of Directors and will serve as Vice President, Business Development of the Mycom Group. Chad Mattix, Maximize I.T.'s General Manager, joins Mycom as Vice President of the newly formed Managed Services Division. Also, Maximize I.T.'s technical, engineering and sales staffs are being employed by Mycom.

Products being acquired include Maximize I.T.(TM) SecureMax, MailMax, ServerMax, and RouterMAX, plus established ISP, co-location, networking, and security service businesses.

MailMax, used by over 100 companies in North America, provides Internet mail security, filters SPAM, and provides anti-virus protection. MailMax and mycomPRO(TM) Mail Manager services will be consolidated and marketed as mycomPRO(TM) MailMax.

SecureMax is a managed service that provides companies of all sizes with security technologies formerly available only to corporations with a specialized technical staff. It is a comprehensive network security service that includes, intrusion detection, firewall protection, Internet management, and virus protection. Mycom will market SecureMax as mycomPRO(TM) SecureMax.

ServerMax monitors the health of clients' networks and proactively attends to all the details that keep a network running smoothly.

RouterMAX is a service that monitors for hardware or data interruption and alerts the user or resolves the problem.

Mycom's President and COO, Jim Bobbitt stated, "We are optimistic about the opportunities for expanding Mycom's E-Business, Networking and Enterprise Communications and Training products and services into many of Maximize I.T.'s elite list of customers. The addition of Maximize I.T.'s security products, services technology, and highly accredited staff of engineers and sales professionals should make Mycom one of the leading Security and Email Services providers in our marketplace. We plan to market the Security products and Managed Services gained through this acquisition to Mycom's expansive account/customer database throughout North America."

Mycom's President continued, "The Mycom Group's performance in Q 4 of 2002 improved significantly versus the previous quarter. With the addition of this new business, which focuses on the rapidly emerging security category, we expect growth throughout 2003. We plan to complete the transition of Maximize I.T.'s organization and systems into Mycom and implementation of a new strategic business plan for the services side of our business by the end of the first quarter. With the addition of these products, services, and a new marketing strategy, added to our already successful software sales business, we expect 2003 to be a of year growth and improvement."

Maximize I.T. products and services can be reviewed at www.maximizeit.net.

About Mycom

Mycom Group, Inc. provides a complementary mix of technology products and services. It markets a wide range of software, hardware and enterprise solutions to a base of more than 20,000 customers throughout North America. Mycom develops and markets new software applications and services using the mycomPRO(TM) brand name. The company's technical and managed services include networking; systems security; email management-SPAM and virus filtering; design, development and web enabling of e-business applications; database applications; ISP and co-location. Enterprise communication services include: documentation, online and classroom training, and instructional design for large and medium-sized businesses. Mycom is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mycom Group is on the web at www.mycom.com, www.broughton-int.com, and www.maximizeit.net

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