SWsoft Reports 1000% Increase in Revenue for 2002; Virtuozzo Powers Over 100,000 Virtual Private Servers

00:00:00 - 10 January 2003

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Jan 10, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- SWsoft, Inc, leader in advanced software for enterprises and hosting service providers (www.sw-soft.com), today announced it increased revenue over 1000% in 2002, signing up more than 100 customers to their Virtuozzo(TM) and HSPcomplete(TM) virtualization systems to power 100,000 virtual private servers (VPS). The unique technological design of Virtuozzo, soon-to-be released Windows and Itanium products and partnerships with IBM, Dell(TM) and Intel(TM) has lead industry analysts to forecast an even stronger 2003.

Virtuozzo is the world's most powerful OS virtualization technology, providing the functionality and control of a mainframe, only on more affordable, Intel-based servers. Creating fully isolated partitions -- called "virtual environments" -- Virtuozzo allows enterprises and hosting provider customers to dynamically control and better manage server resources, increase hardware efficiency and utilization, support all Linux-based applications and cut IT-related costs in half.

"We have built success around our products: the only true VPS technology and the most complete & comprehensive hosting business automation solution on the market. This powerful combination has resulted in the largest single-year gain for server virtualization companies ever," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO, SWsoft, Inc.

"Enterprise customers are eagerly anticipating our Windows virtualization technology and Itanium products, which will allow us to offer better products at lower prices. New products, services and partnerships in 2003 -- in addition to an aggressive sales and marketing campaign -- will position us atop the hosting automation market and within the top three (3) in enterprise server virtualization."

"In terms of building its brand awareness and growing marketshare, SWsoft clearly made its mark in 2002, and is expected to carry this momentum into 2003," added Joshua Biel, vice-president and analyst with Tier 1 Research www.tier1research.com.

A Successful 2002

In 2002, boot-strapped SWsoft released Virtuozzo 2.5, the backbone of the HSPcomplete 2.0 hosting automation solution. Over 100 new customers purchased SWsoft products to build their core infrastructure and manage over 100,000 fully-isolated virtual private servers across more than 1,000 Intel-based servers. Development began on both a Windows and Itanium products, scheduled for release in 2003, and a partnership and certification program was created. Fast gaining recognition as the technological leader in hosting automation and server consolidation systems, the company gained over 250% each quarter (over the previous quarter) and grew to over 100 employees worldwide.

2003: The Year of the Virtual Private Server

" Virtual Private Server technology is blurring the line between shared and dedicated hosting," offered IDC Senior Analyst Melanie Posey in a recent analysis of the Web hosting industry. Enterprises and other companies are looking to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) as an economical alternative to purchasing additional (and costly) physical servers. Virtuozzo supercharges Intel-based server operations, giving enterprises and hosting providers a single point of management and the ability to drag-and-drop virtual servers in-between physical hardware nodes.

"Virtual Web hosting created a paradigm shift in hosting pricing in 1994, bringing hosting to millions of small to medium businesses (SMBs) that needed online storefronts," said Internet hosting visionary and CEO of Catalog.com, Robert Crull. "As e-commerce becomes a standard mechanism for business, SMBs need available and dynamic Web sites. To date, the management complexity and total cost of ownership of dedicated hosting has been a barrier."

Each VPS is a fully-isolated instance of Linux, providing an extra layer of security needed in today's complex IT environment. Analysts feel that over the next four years, enterprises will need decrease total cost of ownership (TCO) and find ways to maximize hardware usage. As more functions of business move onto the Web, hosting providers will need a way to keep costs down, while, at the same time, supporting increasingly complex customer Web sites. In each case, these companies will slowly migrate more of their IT to Virtual Private Servers based on technologies like Virtuozzo.

The only proven and "true" Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology, Virtuozzo is the only technology able to scale to 64GB RAM across 16 CPUs or up to 2500 instances of the base OS, to offer a complete product (tools, support, training, documentation, etc.) and to fully isolate and secure virtual OS instances. With an alpha version of the Windows technology ready and a suite of new products/services, SWsoft is in a unique position to offer customers the most complete server virtualization offering available, dominating the hosting automation space and making a serious run in the enterprise.

In the hosting world, Virtual Private Servers combine the best of dedicated and shared hosting, integrating the full control, guaranteed Quality of Service and flexibility of a dedicated server with the benefits of advanced shared hosting -- a Web-based GUI for easy system administration, freedom from hardware problems for a low cost. As automation systems become perfunctory, hosting providers use Virtuozzo for a core infrastructure, rather than developing an expensive and time-intensive one in-house.

January Promotion

For a limited time only, SWsoft has lowered the cost of Virtuozzo to help shared hosting companies make the move to VPS and start making more money per server today. Contact info@sw-soft.com for more information or call 1.650/875-7185.

About SWsoft


SWsoft is the technological leader in hosting automation and enterprise server software (www.sw-soft.com). Since 1999, the company has focused on the development of its patent-pending Virtuozzo(TM) technology and the HSPcomplete full business lifecycle hosting automation solution, currently used by over 100 companies to maximize and better manage server resources. The only end-to-end solutions and services for hosting service providers, e.g. Internet data centers, application service providers, managed hosting providers, SWsoft's products deliver powerful, comprehensive solutions that power data center management, accelerate business and infrastructure operations and provide excellent return on investment.


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