RackMy.com, Celebrates Two Consecutive Years of Growth Including Nearly 500% Growth for 2002

00:00:00 - 07 January 2003

ST. LOUIS, Jan 7, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- While the past couple of years have been extremely difficult times for the technology sector, the web hosting company RackMy.com has experienced record growth over the previous year. Sales and revenue growth in 2002 soared nearly 500% over 2001 figures. "Our growth has been steady and manageable throughout the past year" said Brad Pittenger, President.

RackMy.com provides high level web hosting to businesses with medium to large presences on the Internet. The company serves clients around the world, and Pittenger credits a very high level of service, exceptional technical support and overall customer service as being "paramount to our success."

RackMy.com's start-up was after the glory days for tech companies. Even though the company began during a strong downturn in the economy and technology sector, RackMy.com has succeeded in very turbulent times. RackMy.com's commitment to its customers has helped the company grow and remain profitable since inception, something few other hosts can claim. The company has been built without outside capital and has maintained positive growth every quarter since the company was founded over two and a half years ago. "I believe starting when we did has helped with our success. We have built the business smart, using our own `boot straps' versus `other people's money'. We haven't spent money frivolously, we have been very cautious on our spending" stated Pittenger.

"We have seen competitors file bankruptcy, go out of business and sell off their assets for pennies on the dollar" said Pittenger while commenting on their business niche. "RackMy.com was built the old fashioned way and it has paid off. We have stuck to our plan, remained true to our values and have remained focused upon what we do well."

RackMy.com offers Advanced Windows Managed Hosting Solutions for companies that outsource their Internet hosting needs. Businesses and individuals use the company for managed Windows 2000 Servers, Managed Firewall Protection, Microsoft SQL 2000 Servers, Data Protection Services, Managed Real-Time Web Analysis that produces comprehensive and detailed web site reports, Co-Location services and more. Services are geared to web sites that require more power and resources from a hosting provider.

For more information, call 1-866-5-RACKMY (314-621-5500) or visit the Web site at www.RackMy.com.


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