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2003-01-22by Christopher Berry

We all know what a domain name is but finding a cheap one that has full functionality is hard. There are offers all over the place for domain names under $10, but what do you really get. We have broken down the different domain name registrars to see what is included in the price.

Bulk Register
Bulk Register normally charges $10 for a .com, .net and .org domain name a long with a one time set up fee. This is your raw cost and you will want to raise that price if you plan on making a profit. Here is the tricky part. The DNS must be managed from a Bulk Register account. This means that if you resell a domain name to one of your clients, you must be the administrator of that domain for as long as it is hosted. This can cause a lot of hassle. If you are just starting out or are a consultant and handle all of your client needs, then Bulk Register is a good fit. Bulk Register does not allow you to register name servers. Just a note, Bulk Register is owned by Alabanza. Their offices are in the same building and we found that many Alabanza clients use Bulk Register as a source for domain name sales.

Network Solutions
Network Solutions charges around $35 per year for a .com, .net and a .org domain name. There are no set up fees. This is your raw cost and will have to be raised to make a profit. I tend to think that this is the more expensive way to go and if you have ever tried to call them, plan on spending half a day on hold. The positive side of using Network Solutions is that your client can manage their domain name leaving you with little hassle. If you are registering name servers, they have a pretty good automated solution for doing this. It is hard to find on their web site though.

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