Traditional Web Site Building (Learning HTML)

2002-11-05 by Mark Bove

The classic way that web sites are built is by computer programmers who know the programming language named "HTML". If you find computers very easy to use, HTML is probably one of the easiest computer programming languages to learn and one you could quickly pick up.

You only need a few things to get started:

  • Some sort of HTML tutorial. We highly recommend buying an HTML book such as HTML 4 For Dummies. Most published HTML books are more comprehensive than any free HTML instructions you might find on the internet.

  • An HTML friendly computer program to write your code on. This you almost certainly already have on your computer in the form of a program such as "Notepad." Off your start button, go to "Programs," then "Accessories" and you should find the Notepad Program. This is where you will write your HTML code.

  • An FTP program. This is for transferring your HTML files onto the server computer where your files will reside in the form of a web site that anyone can visit and see! Some free FTP programs can be found at Download.com.

That's it.


A STRONG RECOMMENDATION: Learning HTML will always be beneficial if you want to be the absolute best web designer you can be. However, it is not totally necessary.

You can probably do just about as well with much, much less effort by simply buying a web design software program such as Microsofts's FrontPage 2000. This type of software makes web site creation a relative breeze. You also won't have to bother with finding your Notepad program or finding an FTP program either. Everything is seamlessly included. (Hey, this isn't some hollow recommendation, the entire eBiz101.com site has been created with FrontPage 2000.)

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