Should You Build Your Web Site Yourself?

2002-11-03 by Mark Bove

This is not an easy "yes or no" question. It all depends on your needs, budget, and available time or inclination.

Good Reasons To Hire Outside Web Building Experts:

You want an extremely sophisticated site*. Such sophisticated features may include personalized/customization functions, complex integration with your back office processes, sophisticated video capabilities, real-time database integration, etc. These are best left to web design experts.

You have no computer skills whatsoever and don't really care to learn any. Although you may just want to build a basic web site to showcase your restaurant, mechanic business, etc., it might be worth it to you to just spend a couple more bucks to save you the minor hassle of learning how to build such a site. You can expect to pay an outside web designer about $1000 to build a typical 5-10 page site that showcases a local real-world business.

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Your budget is very large. If you have a sizable eBiz budget, you might not care about the cost savings that would come from building the site yourself.

Good Reasons To Build Your Web Site Yourself:

You own a computer and have learned simple skills such as how to use a word processing program. If you can type out a letter on your computer, you are probably not that far off from being able to build a nice quality web site. Think about it - If web site building was that hard, every other 12 year-old on the block wouldn't have their own web site like they do now.

You envision a site that is fairly simple. By simple, we are also including sites that have many pages, shopping carts, credit card functions, graphics, pictures, and lucrative affiliate links. As you will learn here, all of these features can be done rather simply by you once we point you in the right directions.

You have a limited budget or want to test the waters for your business idea first. This is the most popular reason to build your own site - it's incredibly cheap! Never before in business history has an entrepreneur been able to start a business for relative peanuts. And your eBiz can reach customers in every city and every country in the entire world. Obviously, if your eBiz begins to take off, you can then easily hire the best and the brightest to expand your company into an internet giant.

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