4 Benefits Of Cloud Storage In 2022

2022-05-09 by Editor

Cloud storage can be defined as the use of data storage capacity provided through a third-party supplier that is stored on remote servers and is retrieved on your device via the internet.

While it is considered by many to be an extremely modern method of storage, its roots can be traced back to the earliest incarnation of the internet when the “intergalactic PC network” was first introduced back in 1969 as part of the “Advanced Research Projects Agency Network” (ARPANET). Today, it is a viable option for consumers around the world, and cloud storage has several distinct benefits. Here are just four of the ways that cloud storage has improved modern computing.

Mini-PCs don’t need large storage space

The rise in popularity of mini-PCs is partly down to the availability of modern cloud storage services. Modern mini-PCs, such are the range offered by Lenovo mini PCs, can take advantage of cloud storage without having to rely on large-capacity internal drives for their storage. The days of large desktop PCs in office and home settings are steadily coming to an end. While smaller components in mini-PC design are also a key factor, cloud storage has been vital in reducing the size of these computers.

Older devices can run modern games

While gamers traditionally looked to save for the next-generation gaming rig or console to ensure that they could access the current triple-A gaming titles, this is not such an imperative purchase thanks to cloud storage. Gaming platforms such as Google Stadia have come to the marketplace in recent years and offer gamers the reality of high-end gaming on their older devices, such as last-gen phones and laptops. This is because the main processing and storage of the actual game applications are managed by cloud servers, and games are played via streaming the game data over the internet.

Data is highly secure

Cloud storage is one of the safest forms of storing information in today’s world. There are several reasons for this, but the main reasons tend to be the fact that cloud storage companies keep their customers’ data behind several firewalls, which makes them extremely resistant to intruders and malware or virus attacks. Cloud storage companies also tend to save multiple backups of customers’ data across numerous servers. If one server is compromised, the data can be accessed from another location. Servers can be located across the world, so even natural disasters such as earthquakes pose a minimal threat to the complete loss of your data.

Ease of access to your data

One of the key benefits of cloud storage is that it does not limit your data to being accessed from a single PC or local network. In the early days of computing, your data was stored on the computer you produced the data on. Later, businesses opted for local network designs of their computer systems to enable any computer on the network to be able to retrieve data that had been produced locally. Cloud storage is the next logical progression, as it means that your data can be accessed from a wide range of devices from any location around the world that has internet access.

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