6 Benefits Of A Managed Web Hosting Service

2021-08-24by Kelly Reed

A managed web hosting service involves the web host company operating the server on your behalf. Managed hosting services are not cheap; the quality benefits you receive are costly.  Different hosting services provide various hosting plans depending on your needs and financial capacity. Here are the benefits of a managed web hosting service.

1. Server monitoring

Servers are crucial for the daily operations of a business; that’s why it needs constant monitoring, care, and maintenance to ensure it doesn’t fail. Managed server services allow immediate detection and prevention of irregularities and vulnerabilities to guarantee server uptime, ensuring smooth business operation. To find a reliable and trustworthy hosting service that employs best server monitoring practices and checks such as CPU usage checks, heartbeat checks, and alerts and notifications, conduct a website hosting review.

2. Sufficient security

Server and website security are paramount for every business. A managed web hosting service is well equipped with the necessary tools, equipment, processes, and procedures to monitor and enhance security. Managed web hosting services perform security audits, carry out virus scans, firewall software configuration, operating system updates, and spam filtering to enhance server and website security. This keeps your server and website safe from security vulnerabilities such as cyberattacks, system collapse, and loss of data.

3. Data backup

Regular data backup secures all the essential details and information of your website in case something goes wrong and you end up losing all your data. If yours is a revenue-generating site and you don't back it up, you risk losing it all during the recreation of your website. Backing up your company data saves you time and resources that you would otherwise spend rebuilding your website. However, hiring a hosting web service guarantees regular data backup for all your files and valuable information.

4. Regular software upgrade

As technology advances, new and advanced software for website and server performance are developed. Regular software updates come with improved security features to keep your site safe from hackers. Software upgrades improve site performance and allow you to enjoy the latest technology. A managed web hosting service helps keep your server and website up-to-date with every technological advancement.

5. Low operating costs

A managed web hosting service operates your server and website activities such as security, hardware replacement, server configuration, operating system maintenance, and others. This allows you to direct your finances in other areas as very little has to be managed in-house. A company may choose to invest in a managed hosting service, do away with the IT department, assign them other duties, or resize.

6. On-call maintenance and customer support

With a managed web hosting service, you get whatever you pay for. If you encounter a problem with your website or notice that your site has a slow load time rate, you have the privilege to call for maintenance at any time. A reliable and trustworthy managed web host will provide means of communication like live chats, instant messaging, or calls to avoid extended website downtime, improving user experience. A good experience will boost your site SEO and enable your site to rank high in search engines.


A reliable managed web host helps improve and maintain site performance to boost your brand reputation. These are some of the benefits you get from a managed web hosting service.

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