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As essential it is to optimize your website’s on-page presence to rank up in the searches, it is

equally important to work on off-page considerations as well. By definition, off-page SEO refers

to those strategies that help build the website’s authority on other third party websites and social

media platforms.

Off-Page SEO is a subcategory of Search Engine Optimization. It involves a bunch of strategies

like link-building on relevant third-party websites which work as a token of trust and authority,

indicating the search engines to take notice of your website and rank you higher in the

searches. Off-Page SEO also includes a lot of convincing and influencing industry leaders and

other brains in the industry to link back to your website.

5 Must-Do Off-Page SEO Techniques

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 off-page SEO strategies for your business. You can

either take on these strategies yourself, or you can hire a professional SEO Agency that could

save you some time by taking on the tasks.

1. Guest Posting & Email Outreach

2. Boosting Brand Authority

3. Niche-specific Online Directories

4. Presence on Online Forums

5. Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

1. Guest Posting & Email Outreach

Many people in the SEO industry often end up using the terms Off-page SEO and backlinking

interchangeably. Well, they are not wrong. Even after all these years, building authority, relevant

backlinks is at the heart of every SEO activity. This said it is probably the most time-taking and

challenging part of SEO. However, your website cannot survive without building links. There are

countless ways to build backlinks in SEO.

One of the purest ways to build links is by indulging in guest posting. No, it is not a new

strategy, but it works! One thing to keep in mind with guest posting is that do not just do it for

links. Effective guest posting should also help you with online brand awareness and bring traffic

back to your website.

You can also indulge in email outreach. Make sure to write genuine emails to genuine people,

instead of spamming their emails. Avoid using automated email tools for reaching out for

backlinks. Instead, write open mails and give them a more human touch.

2. Boosting Brand Authority

The ultimate goal of every SEO strategy is to bring maximum traffic to the website. This said, if

you can successfully build a brand, you will automatically increase traffic on your site,

outranking your search competitors, without having to put in extra efforts on long-tail keywords

and link building.

Here are a few great tips that will help your online branding -

- Have a useful, impressive, attractive product. In case your product is boring, make it

sound interesting!

- Run paid ads on popular search engines like Google and social media platforms like

Facebook, make guest appearances on podcasts, influencers’ social accounts, YouTube

channels that are popular in your niche.

- Put efforts in increasing your media mentions and PR.

- Have outstanding customer care, and find out ways to gather all those customer

testimonials for improving word-of-mouth advertising.

3. Niche-specific Online Directories

In most of the cases, you should avoid submitting anything to the online article submission

directories. This is because, more often than not, they are spammy and can instead hurt your

present rankings instead of boosting them. However, there are still some decent online

directories that you can checkout. Here’s how you differentiate between a good and a bad

online directory -

- There should be many rules that you have to follow for your content to be submitted.

- The online directory should have good traffic numbers.

- It should have a trending, updated, modern web design and user interface.

- Check out all the websites that have linked to the directory.

4. Presence on Online Forums

Online forums are an old-school off-page practice, but they still hold some significance even

though they are highly prone to spam and black-hat practices. If done cautiously, you can still

execute these practices as a white-hat practice. You can do this by providing a lot of good

insight and value before you go on to share your links in the online forums.

5. Social Media & Influencer Marketing

To start with. It is still unclear if social links have a direct impact on Google rankings or not.

However, there has been a definite correlation between reliable social media accounts and

search rankings. A strong social media presence on social media is said to have a direct impact

on your online brand awareness. People become more familiar with who you are and what you

have to offer.


SEO is a vast subject - as vast as an ocean (not literally!). There are many major and minor

factors that you need to take care of if you want your website to rank better in the searches. The

best thing about off-page SEO is that you can be creative with your strategies. However, you

need to make sure all this happens within the Google guidelines. You can also take professional

help from SEO Company that has been working diligently in the industry for years.

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