How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your E-Commerce Website

2019-06-24 by Upen Patel

The last decade has seen an epidemic rise in the demand for e-commerce. From a new, unsettled subject, e-commerce has gone on to become one of the most omnipresent forms of business. According to an open source eCommerce company, this industry started growing when people started sharing electronic documents in the 1980s, followed by the launch of websites like Amazon and eBay in the 1990s. Customers all over the world were abruptly able to purchase everything from slab to clothes to automobiles.

The advantages of e-commerce are many, as stated by the top e-commerce web development company. E-commerce bluster of various advantages like:

1. Being available round the clock.

2. Speed of access.

3. The opportunity for a wide variety of goods and services

4. International deliveries.

5. competing prices.

As observed by the top e-commerce web development company, all these factors point towards one common parameter - customer service.

Typically, it is customer service that drives a business and this is no different for e-commerce. User recall and engagement are the primary factors that help improve conversion rates of an e-commerce web site. A website that is quick and appealing to look at, with enough stickiness on the home page will automatically have a higher conversion rate than a website which takes time to load and has very little content that can be of any interest.

Factors that improve the conversion rates of your e-commerce website:

1. Utilize social media.

Nowadays, not having a public social media profile for a brand is comparable to being invisible. Since most of the users using an e-commerce site are bound to be active on social media, it is important to capture analysis on that platform. A study conducted by an open source ecommerce company showed that e-commerce is increasingly being tapped into by mobile users, thanks to the popularity of social media. Statistics by Invesp further show that in the year 2015, 5% of all online spend was through social media commerce, and this trend is only going to grow over the next decade.

It is important for brands to choose the right social media platform and create engaging profiles so potential customers can experience a personalized, one on one contact with the brands.

2. Videos

Product videos surprisingly have shown to increase the product purchase by almost 140%. This is because videos are easy to watch and easier to understand; one does not have to go through lines of text to understand a product or service. This mass appeal of the video has helped many big brands on global social media channels like Vimeo and YouTube.

3. Website UI

The website that customer visits need to be visually engaging and easy to use. Most people consume only 3 seconds on a home page before deciding if they will become a part of the conversion rate of the site or simply click away. Additionally, good websites are optimized to show up in organic search results, further up the conversion rates.

4. Website Design

The design of a website is another important factor when it comes to improving the conversion rate of an e-commerce web site. Exquisitely, the design should be clear, easy to manipulation through and have functional, visible conversion paths.

5. Customer's Talk

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials - these are the three things that customers can provide to help improve conversion rates. Reviews and ratings tend to make people stay on the page for longer, rethink their options and judging their purchasing power.

Improving the conversion rate of an e-commerce website thus depends on a mixture of customer feedback, social media engagement, use of videos and effective website design. Social media particularly has experienced exponential growth and the social media advertising industry is growing with leaps and bounds. Customers are shifting towards mobile social media, creating a new dimension for conversions.

Improving the conversion rate of an e-commerce website thus depends on a mixture of customer feedback, social media engagement.

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