On Cloud Nine: How Cloud Hosting Can Help Entrepreneurs Scale Their Venture?

2019-06-11by Gaurav Belani

5 Ways Cloud Hosting Helps Entrepreneurs Grow Their Venture

Switching to the cloud is a smart move for entrepreneurs looking for quick and cost-effective ways to fuel their venture. According to Forbes, by 2020, 83 percent of enterprise workload will be in the cloud. In fact, the 2018 IDG Cloud Computing Study reveals that 77 percent of businesses already have at least one application or a part of their computing infrastructure in the cloud.

Cloud computing offers a diverse range of bespoke applications for today’s radical entrepreneur. Therefore, entrepreneurs wanting to scale their business should make sure they have the technical expertise in the cloud computing space.

Cloud services like remote data storage, email servers, and website-hosting servers are taking the business world by storm. Cloud hosting solutions offer benefits like high flexibility and security, 99.9 percent uptime, and cost-effectiveness to entrepreneurs.

For instance, the leading cloud vendor, Amazon Web Services offers reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services, allowing entrepreneurs to build websites that can handle growing traffic with minimal outages.

The cloud technology is becoming an undisputed trend in the web hosting space. Here’s how cloud hosting can help nascent and established entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level.

1. Improves Customer Experience

Improving customer experience has become a top priority for businesses. Customer experience is a serious differentiating factor for businesses today, enabling them to win user trust and boost their reputation. In fact, a research report by PWC reveals that customers are willing to spend more on great customer experience.

Migrating to the cloud can significantly improve a site’s customer experience, helping entrepreneurs attract new customers and retain existing ones. Cloud hosting offers agile solutions, enabling businesses to respond to their clients’ needs on a real-time basis.

E-commerce entrepreneurs using cloud hosting can effectively use cloud servers to sync product inventories across their online and offline stores. This offers customers with the most suitable product options, thereby enhancing their shopping experience.

With cloud hosting your site is virtually using the resources of multiple servers. Thus, if one server goes offline, you will be transferred to another server, reducing your site’s downtime. Further, cloud servers with multiple caching layers, premium server hardware, and low-density servers offer fast website speed, thereby enhancing customer experience.

In today’s competitive business scenario, even a single episode of poor shopping experience can cause you to lose a valuable customer forever. Use cloud-hosting to boost customer experience and your business standing.

2. Is a Cost-Effective Option for Websites with Fluctuating Traffic

New businesses often experience wavering web traffic, making it tough for entrepreneurs to choose a web hosting solution that’s scalable and offers the best value for money. However, with cloud hosting, businesses can easily scale their server resources without having to wait for the hosting provider’s approval. Cloud-based servers allow easy and fast upgrade of CPU and RAM in case of a surge in traffic.

Unlike other styles of hosting, in cloud hosting, you pay for what you use. Thus, if a post or a video on your website goes viral, attracting a large amount of traffic, you don’t have to upgrade your web hosting package to the next level.

Cloud hosting offers business owners free access to an intuitive site management dashboard, allowing them to view their site’s performance in real time. Using this information you can scale up your server resources during the traffic surge and scale down when the traffic returns to normal. Thus, you are paying only for the number of server resources used.

3. Promotes Business Continuity

Most web hosting solutions are prone to disasters like power outages, causing the server to go down unexpectedly. However, cloud-based servers are almost disaster-proof, promoting business continuity even in case of an ongoing utility issue or service outage.

For instance, cloud-based data centers employ advanced features like backup power generation that keep your site up and running even in case of a utility failure. Most of them also incorporate mechanisms that allow the system to restart automatically, collect diagnostic information, and inform the IT technician about the issue.

4. Secures Business Data

In a traditional server environment, your site’s files are stored in a specific physical server location. However, in cloud hosting the files are distributed across multiple virtual server locations that are associated with physical servers. Thus, businesses using cloud hosting have a layer of security to protect the physical server and an additional layer to protect the virtual network.

Loss of business data can be crippling. Taking your website’s hosting up in the cloud can protect your business data in more ways than one.

  • Cloud hosting allows instant website data mirroring on various drives, offering simultaneous versions of your website. Thus, you can easily recover your data.
  • Since cloud hosting can run your site from a separate virtual server, you will not experience downtime in case of hardware failure. You can easily achieve a hassle-free data backup.
  • Your site will not be affected by an infected or compromised physical server. If the server is affected, your website will simply load from a different source, completely isolating the issue.

5. Offers a Distinct Competitive Edge

Cloud-based solutions are extremely easy to deploy with virtually zero deployment time. Thus, the applications critical to the success of your business are on the cloud within no time, giving your venture a strategic edge over your competitors.

With the cloud, SMBs, who normally find themselves at a disadvantage against big enterprises with large in-house servers, are put on an even playing field. Small businesses do not have to invest heavily in their own data centers and can take advantage of the scalable cloud hosting.

Getting to Cloud 9

Should you move to the cloud? Why not?

The cloud is proving to be a game-changer for businesses worldwide. Cloud-based solutions are highly popular among startup owners and entrepreneurs as they offer considerable cost savings, high security and performance, unlimited capacity, and a host of advanced services.

Shift your website to the cloud now to experience the world of benefits cloud hosting has to offer.

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