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Mobile SEO Trends & Strategies To Follow In 2019
2018-11-21 by  Manar Ahmed

Mobile-optimized content and design should be an important component in response to the mobile-first index.

SEO is an evolving industry that continues to change with current trends and models. That's what makes SEO so difficult to pin down. It is not a static process. It's a science that's in a constant flow. As a result, it's not really about understanding SEO anymore because the process is quite easy to grasp. Henceforth, one must keep abreast of the constant changes in the rules of the game of SEO. The goal is to improve the quality of research results repeatedly. This is the very purpose for some of the obsolete ranking factors, new emerging factors and other factors being changed.

However, mobile SEO trends have become fascinating. The mobile wave has had a major impact on SEO and will continue to disrupt and configure mobile optimization trends and strategies. Do you remember the mobile-friendly algorithm that had given mobile-friendly websites a boost in rankings? It's obvious that mobile optimization should be a factor in everything you do to optimize your web presence.

Voice search is queen

Mobile voice search is rapidly gaining ground. In fact, in 2020, voice assistants will record nearly 50% of all searches. Add to that that 43% of millennials have already made purchases using a voice assistant. Also, structured data has improved the quality of voice search, enabling voice devices to be accepted even more quickly.

Use featured snippets to boost assignation and CTR

The featured snippets allow you to engage the user and increase the traffic. The result, you should focus on your written content to be engaging and rich enough that Google ranks your content in snippets. Snippets alone boost traffic by 20 to 30%. It's worth making your content quite compelling for Google to be in a snippet. However, many are wondering what kind of Google content favors when it comes to the snippet. Remember that engagement metrics play a major role in the content Google selects for snippets. Google privileges content that has these elements:

Popular questions that your audience is asking for;

Questions and answers pages;

Content that answers questions

The answers are most suited to research.

Reduce the presence of advertisements

Mobile users find advertising excessive and intrusive. They hurt the UX. As a result, Google responded to the growing number of ads that users were bombarded in 2014. Targeted banners and offers had become the solution because they did not take up so much space on the small screen. Moreover, banners can easily use a small amount of screen space.

There are two discreet apps provided by Safari and Chrome that do not take up too much space on the screen. This change was necessary because many people are using mobile devices and there was a need to rethink a more positive UX. It has been proven that UX is extremely important for rankings and commitment. There are different challenges that are associated with graphics and the overall UX when it comes to a small screen. However, adjustments are constantly made to improve the UX with as many methods as possible. For example, there are different types of ads that interrupt and degrade the UX.

The power of AMP and speediness

 Accelerated mobile pages or AMP is one of the techniques that allows sites to be faster loading. The AMP offers a more simplified code that speeds up loading times. Test the speed of your pages and be proactive. Take the load time test of a page to make sure your website is compliant. If you have a speed problem, click on the problem areas for an explanation. Users favor pages that load quickly. It improves the UX considerably. This is a factor that you cannot neglect. You will lose users as it will become harder for them to view your page.

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Manar Ahmed

Manar Ahmed

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