Why Is It Critical For Your Business To Have A Responsive Website?

2018-05-15by Sujain Thomas

As a business owner, you must already be aware of the growing requirements of having a strong online presence in today's competitive business world. Having a functional business website is essential for expanding your business and seeing your revenues go higher. Responsive website designs are the prime method for making your business more user friendly with more customer retention. If you do not have a responsive web design, then you will have lower visitors and poor conversion rates. In this article, you will learn the importance of having responsive web designs.

A good investment

Having a responsive web design will be beneficial for you in the long run, if you do not have one yet then you must need some initial convincing for making the upgrade. But this investment will be worthwhile for you. It will help your website to stay in the competition and relevant. Responsive web designs are crucial for a lot of businesses as it will allow the users and visitors to your website to get the information and complete the tasks they want with speed and efficiency. The most vital parts of your site will be available to users who access it through their mobile phones. They will be able to get all the functions and utilities which one would normally find in laptops and desktop computers.

Mobile friendly experiences

If you cannot give your customers mobile friendly experiences then new visitors will not hang around, they will simply move away from your website as well as they will purchase from another website.  Unhappy customers as well as visitors will also impact your website's search engine optimization. Although your site is relevant to a user's search, if the visitors to your page cannot easily access the contents in a variety of devices then your website will not receive positive reviews, and this will lower the search engine optimization, and consequently, your website will get lower ranks in search results. If your site gets relegated to the second and the thirds page of the search results, then you shall be losing a lot of business and traffic, as in general people will click on links on the first page. Google has also confessed that those companies which use one responsive website instead of multiple versions of desktop and mobile versions are easier for bots to locate, as there is only one URL.

If your website is responsive and is ready for serving mobile customers, then you can have the benefits of a lot of tools as well as other useful apps like, for instance, the "click for call" button, which will let a user call your business office on an immediate basis. People will also be able to read about your business like reviews and see where you are placed by finding you on Google Maps, both of which are quite relevant to the requirements of today's mobile phone users.

What are the features of Responsive web design?

Responsive web designs ensure that your business website is accessible easily to all those who visit your site, it will give them the most optimal experience, unhindered by the type of device which they use to access the webpage. This will assure that your business website and your company stay relevant in the ever changing world of the online marketing world. It will boost your e-commerce profile, making the experience of visiting your website pleasurable as well as enjoyable.


In responsive web design, the photos you put on your website will be calibrated by their size and dimensions and not their pixels. So, when a user looks at the photo from a desktop, he will get the calibrated version of the picture on the desktop, and when he looks at it from his mobile phone, the photo will be correctly scaled down and calibrated for the smaller screen. A dynamic resizing is done to create more flexible images as well as videos in responsive web designs.


The texts will get resized as the containment area is resized on the website. There are multiple technologies involved in making a website responsive to several devices. The text and the font will be chosen accordingly so that they look clear enough on all platforms. But in the end, the responsive design will ensure that a user gets feelings of familiarity when they visit your website from different devices. They will find your page easy to navigate around, they will not feel the need to shrink or enlarge any text or buttons. A basic sense of comfort will be experienced. Also, the videos that you upload have to be available in multiple resolution options, to make users with variable internet speeds and plans feel comfortable in watching them. Responsive web design will cover all these different aspects. 

You should consider hiring a professional web design and development company immediately to get yourself a responsive business web design for your business website.

Wrapping things up

It is of vital importance that you adapt your business to the requirements of today's time to stay relevant in a highly competitive business world. Today, more people access the web than ever before, and most of the users access the internet from their mobile phones and tablets. It is for this reason that you should have a responsive web design for your business website so that users can access all the essential contents of your business website smoothly. This feature is of vital significance to ensure that your business grows more and prospers. You will want to expand your business, no doubt, and with expansion more and more new customers, visitors will come to your page and a lot of these newcomers will be using mobile phones and tablets to access your website. So, a responsive web design will ensure that these new visitors are not deterred and that they find their experience on your site smooth so that they will keep on coming back.

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