5 Untold Facts That You Need To Know About Cloud Security In 2018!

2018-01-23 by Sara Corner

The steps of cloud computing in the business world has been cultivated several ways to reach the top stair of success. It is even more popular nowadays than ever before; the reachability of cloud power is being taken by SMBs and medium-sized businesses as well. The third party professional hosting providers transformed QuickBooks to Hosted QuickBooks successfully and brought the revolution in the scene.

It is quite astonishing to notice that for every 600 smartphones in use, a new cloud server asked to add. The requirement of the cloud server is exponentially heading to rise as more businesses are mitigating their data to the cloud. The accounting software providers are now trying hard to do everything possible to maintain their clients hooked. In today’s digital time, computation power is moving towards cloud and making accounting alike tasks easy for the corporate world.

So in such scenario, it is quite important for businesses to understand the real facts related to the cloud security. It is the right time to understand untold facts that subsequently making you an easier target for suspects. It is a wise step to get familiar of your safe points and also apply them in your business hours. If you’re integrating your data with sharing resources over the cloud then, the measures of cloud safety are even needier to know.

Below mentioned are the five untold facts every business should know about cloud security before engaging with hosted software.

1. Cloud- Home To Plenty Of Malware(s)

The very first aspect of cloud security is- it is home to various malware which sounds silly but acts wise when it comes to security. Plenty of malware that are residing in the cloud for security purposes includes, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware, and Rootkits.

There are some malware, alike Ransomware, which encrypts all the data stored by you and doesn’t provide the decryption key until gets the payment by you. On contrary, Rootkits are kind of malware which charge control over your system and sounds harmful if then controlled by hacker.

2. Cloud- Unsafe Place For In-House Security

If you are well-versed with cloud security practices and not asking for any outer help then, the quick decision might slap you on the face. Yes, that’s true! Firstly, you have to stay secure from malware, residing in the cloud premises itself as security agents. Secondly, protocols and other antivirus software aren’t automated machines that gets updated without your efforts. So, In-house security practices are talk of a fool when it comes to cloud.

3. Cloud- Adept With Data Redundancy

Cloud obeys the rules of data redundancy, one of the safest technique of making data more intact within the environment. The technique many saves a single data file into different locations, making it hard to get by the hackers. Many third-party hosting providers are fulfilling their client’s security needs by accepting the phenomenon of redundancies as a part of service.   

4. Hybrid Cloud Is Better Option For Huge Enterprises

Hybrid cloud techniques are well established when it comes to big enterprises, usually handling large data within business premises. In actual, some amount of data is being kept in the public cloud and other kept private from others, this is how hybrid cloud system works. Henceforth, sensitive data within the cloud system stays secure and bit air-gapped by the less sensitive data.

Hybrid cloud systems are a worthy choice for large businesses who are willingly handling lots of data.

5. Cloud- Best Protected With Third- party Security

While discussing the untold facts of the cloud security, it is vital to state that third-party security and solutions advance cloud functionalities. With the software in use, users can switch to cloud-based version of the existing software with the help of authentic third parties. It is safe to stay in the shadow of such parties as they will assist you at times and solve your issues on the peak.

Great security can be achieved within the cloud if digital operations are maintained securely within your business.

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