To Use Or Not To Use? OpenCart Review

2017-08-15 by Toby Nwazor

OpenCart is among of many alternative simple-to-use online commerce software. Previously mentioned solution provides ease of use, the structure layout and rapid modules making. In current OpenCart review, you would learn all concerns for those numerous important details that were implemented in the freshest release.

Opencart Review: Exterior Makes The Difference?

Speaking about fresh products. Writing current OpenCart review, we were unable forget to mention the previous issue.

As everyone remembers, publishing the Opencart past release, its engineers presented a fresh modern and engaging design of the user's interface. Nevertheless, that administrative panel was not so convenient, as someone wished it to be.

The user interface of Opencart 3.0 has become presentable, stylish, beautiful.

Among the central advantages in the Opencart 2.0 appearance, was the use of an adaptive template for websites.

As for Opencart 3.0, in this OpenCart review, we cannot forget to mention the attached two very robust add-ons (Theme plus Language Editors), which extremely cut down the eCommerce shop setup. Now one may complete the adjustments for a shop much easier.

In general, the Opencart 3.0 appearance pleases every single eye. Adaptive layout at this time is a crucial aspect when creating sites of any type, and especially, websites for eCommerce shops.

OpenCart: more new sections, more new features

Further, under our OpenCart review, we would like to consider developments that OpenCart team has included. More specifically, several extra features: the Marketplace plus Translations.

But first, let's turn back to the previous variant in this OpenCart review.

1. Opencart 2.0: what about the system?

You may often see new and new developments, modules, extensions for CMS Opencart. Also published in the recent time version 3.0 appearance means the need to transfer all the modules to this same version, which is a rather laborious and boring task.

However, the Opencart 2.0 appearance functionally remained virtually unchanged. There were all the same functions and controllers, models and modules, but there also were are changes, and you just may not install the Opencart 1.5.x over 2.x.

The principle of connecting the header and footer of the site, such as the sidebars and user blocks, has also been changed, now they are linked with this.

Connecting to the controller header.php of third-party modules such as a basket, currency list, search, the language now is similar to the connection of the caps and the bottom of the site.

Looking at these small changes, we may say that it is pretty easy to adapt the module to the new version of Opencart 2.0, but there are also files for download, and these data have been thoroughly rewritten, and the old version templates at all.

2. Opencart 2.0: previous features

Unfortunately, the official site of Opencart.com has not been updated yet. The documentation for the version of Opencart 2.0 on the manual page, and it remains a mystery to me personally for some sections of the administrative panel and some directory folders.

Opencart developers added the "Extension Installer," which in theory adds your modules to Opencart, but not everyone understood how to works with modules, what format the file is needed, folder structure, etc.

Moving forward in our OpenCart review, it's time to pay attention to OpenCart 3.0.

3. OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace

At the mean time, owner may entry all topics and tools directly from the admin area. There is a search function that allows him/her to look for extensions.

4. OpenCart 3.0: Translations

As we mentioned above, the Translation tool is another update. The shop’s translation would become even simpler.

5. OpenCart 3.0: Topic editor

The new tool appears pretty user-friendly, especially this is crucial for a person who knows little about programming. Implemented the functionality of choosing a theme and store (if you use add-ins), so managing multiple stores from one "box" would greatly simplify the process of customizing and making changes. Twig is used for editing. Here is a brand-new language that OpenCart uses in the new appearance, and you may see it on the proper page.

For example, when someone wants to personalise his/her cart, (s)he should pick up the skin template, plus later cart.twig.

6. OpenCart 3.0: the Language tools

Let's mention the current OpenCart review the Language Editor. Not only can you personalize the design, with the new release presented by the Opencart team, you can also edit the texts on your portal.

You are able not only personalize your website’s content but, in addition, insert new items in the corresponding fields.

7. OpenCart 3.0: Marketing

In this OpenCart review it is necessary to mention that fact — you won’t find the Affiliates in "Marketing".

When one need to add partners, then you should look through the “Clients” section.

One may create branches from the same field. Go to the Customers tab> Customers> Add New tab and the "Affiliate Program" tab.

There are no other changes in this section.

8. System settings

The Tools has disappeared in the new exemption of OpenCart.

You can find  fields "Error Logs", "Downloads,", "Backup Restore" in the part called "System".

The Reports section has not changed. It still contains all usual report templates.

Using the Extensions section, you may enable/disable the mandatory reports. The part with FTP removed from the admin panel, improved filters for goods and made a reservation for the multi lingua SEO.

OpenCart review: Conclusion

OpenCart matched much more convenient to shop administrator. The new realeased Theme plus  Language tools are those primary functions published within the solution. As we mentioned previously in OpenCart review, it is hard not to note that evidence that certain modifications are not revolutionary and in many references (except Twig) are comparable to Prestashop. And expert users probably already noticed this fact.

It's worth noting that operating with properties without additional modules is still inconvenient, and the main page does not want to part with index.php? Route common/home, as well as other system sheets. About SEO out of the box is not talking it's still limited.

Launch OpenCart 3.0.2 on a bunch of NGINX PHP-FPM 7.1 was not a problem. The site with the demo data works smartly, but in the third version of the engine, no changes are made that would speed up the work time or fix the errors that wander from version to version.

Our OpenCart review is coming to the end and so we would like to highlight two common points that should be explained:

  • Each new Opencart announcement replicates the similar defects regarding SEO. They wander from version 1.5 to version 2.2, and it's possible that in Opencart 3.0 when it comes out, there would also be a lot of flaws with SEO.

  • New releases continue to progress, and this is very important. If the system emerges, then it has a perspective and potential.

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