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A company that claims to be the world largest domain registrar in new gtld.

In 2015 ALPNames was managing over 5 Million domains, which makes them world’s second largest domain registrar within one year of business by taking over Godaddy in Jan 2016. Now, this is something you should say “No Way” but it’s true.
You can read a press release on RealWire.com by the CEO/COO Mr. Damon Barnard.

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History & Background

ALPNames was founded in Gibraltar by the number of individuals in 2013 and officially start their business in 2014 with the intentions of providing cheap domain names. Besides, they also sell services like Web Hosting, SSL, Email & Website Builder. As of the present time, the company’s Chief Operations Officer (CCO) is Damon Barnard, who is also a Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Ever since its inception, the company has grown a lot. Its roots run deeper than most registrars in Web Hosting business. This is credited to their effectiveness and efficiency when it comes to providing the best services for its clients all the time. ALPNames always meet their customers’ needs with competence. For this reason, ALPNames is attracting a large clientele and attracts, even more, today. They are currently managing over three million domains & getting over 2000 new domain registration on a daily basis.

How ALPNames becomes Largest Domain Registrar

Over the year, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers(ICANN) which is a non-profit organization decided to be less strict with the internet protocols. The set rules govern the extensions in the internet domains.  As a result, there are numerous generic Top Level Domains available for the clients and potential web customers.

If you are looking for an alternative extension of the .com domain, then ALPNames is a perfect place for you.

This significant breakthrough made ALPNames be one of the top registrars for these new endings in the domain name by June 2015. From then onward, the company has grown to accommodate an even greater number. As of January 2016, there has been an increase in the registration of generic Top Level Domains with ALPNames. This factor makes the company rank higher than companies like GoDaddy. It ranks as the second largest company when it comes to domain name registration.

ALPNames is ICANN Accredited or Not?

Some people are questioning whether or not ALPNames is accredited by ICANN. The answer is Yes, they are. In case you want more proof of this fact because somehow you just cannot seem to get over it, you can visit ICANN’s website. At, https://www.icann.org/registrar-reports/accredited-list.html, you will find a list of all the registrars accredited by it.

Part of ResellerClub or EIG

It has come to my attention that most people tend to think that there is a ResellerClub and ALPNames have some sort of relationship. To even a large extent, they believe that ALPnames is operating a ResellerClub or owned by Endurance International Group. First and foremost, by visiting EIG’s website, you will realize that ALPNames is not one of their brands.

Secondly, only one thing connects ALPNames and ResellerClub is the backend. They use the OrderBox by LogicBoxes which is owned by Endurance International Group and there is nothing more to it. This response is entirely found from the replies given by a member of ALPNames.

You can read the discussion that took place at LowEndTalk and NamePros. In these websites, ALPNames users were airing out their feelings towards their service providers.

To make my mind, I ask the same question from the Damon Barnard, and here is his reply to my question:

No. We use LogicBoxes as our backend provider – this is the same backend system that powers ResellerClub. Both LogicBoxes and ResellerClub are part of the Endurance Group of companies, but AlpNames has nothing to do with Endurance, we simply make use of the LogicBoxes software.


Trustworthy Company

It has not risen to be the second largest in generic Top Level Domain registrations by default. A company must always offer the best within the abilities. For this reason, ALPNames attract more clients by the day. In fact, ALPNames is able to impress their clients, which is why a lot of people register their domains with them. Most of them (if not all) fully trust ALPNames with their domain. I see no reason why you should not try them.

Final Thoughts

ALPNames has a great secret for their spontaneous growth. The secret is that they offer incredibly cheap cost domains as compared to many others. Which also leaves the customer in a good place to be able to sustain their Domains. Cheap does not always mean poor quality. ALPNames has proven that numerous times and they still do.

Why you should consider ALPNames

There are many reasons why you should consider ALPNames as your domain registrar, and they include:

  • Impressive customer care services: ALPNames has an excellent customer care support systems that just impresses. Being a young company, I give them some credit. Whenever you have a problem, they are always ready to help you solve it. Those with an experience know better because they are a witness of their excellence. The customer care providers are friendly. Therefore they open up an avenue for you to freely communicate your problems or concerns.
  • They have a variety of generic Top Level Domains: there is always something for everyone. With their tireless efforts to grow, they always offer the best. Something new is always available. Therefore, you will not face any disappointments.
  • It is pocket-friendly: just as mentioned earlier, they have extremely cheap domains. Just because you want your own registered domain to have that website going does not mean you should struggle for it. Paying for it should be as easy as using it.

Some of the best services you are sure to enjoy with ALPNames include a free email account, DNS management services, protection against domain theft, mail forwarding services that are unlimited and domain forwarding.

Why you shouldn’t consider ALPNames

As much as there are advantages for the use of ALPNames.com, the reasons why you may consider another alternative include:

  • Sometimes they take a long time before responding: this can be due to the numerous clienteles they have. If you are impatient, kindly avoid them for your own good. With such numbers, the effects of poor response time will be hard to avoid.
  • Spam problems: some clients have complained a lot about receiving spam emails in their accounts. This can irritate the life out of you. This goes to show that their security system is questionable.
  • Accounts closure without notice: there are tendencies with ALPNames to delete accounts (another recent report) without any prior warnings. I believe that they should at least inform before deny or deleting their client’s services. Giving someone a notice prior to the deletion is good PR.

Source: http://howtohost.website/alpnames-review/

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