Why Cloud Security Solutions Can Save Your Company Money”

2016-06-03 by John Newman

Has your business already joined the cloud computing revolution? If not, perhaps analytical data may be enough to persuade you. An article by Louis Columbus for the website Forbes cites predictions that the global market is expected to grow by up to $67 billion by the year 2018, compared to $49 billion back in 2015. Why are so many individuals and businesses making the transition to cloud computing technology? Besides its many convenient uses, utilizing them can also give you a chance to make the most out of your company’s budget. If you are wondering how this can be, read on to find some compelling reasons to make the switch to cloud-based platforms.


It Allows You to Scale Up or Down If Needed

Whether you are a start-up company in your chosen field or have been a key industry player for the past decade, cloud-based technologies ensure that your business operations do not have to skid to a halt due to any changes within your enterprise’s internal structure. If you have finally reached the limit of your platform and need it to handle more demands, then you can easily scale up to an appropriate plan.


It Helps You Spend Less Business Capital

This might initially sound counterintuitive, as you first have to pay out of pocket in order to gain access to a cloud security solution. However, instead of thinking of it as an expense, look at it as more of an investment, especially for the long-term operations of your enterprise. For instance, consider how you will not have to pay buy for top-of-the-line hardware, which tends to come with a high price tag per unit. Instead, you pay for a service on a subscription basis for a technology that is relatively easy to set up and manage. Also consider how a cloud platform only makes you pay for the energy that you use, rather than having to pay for hardware maintenance every few months or so.


It Keeps Your Confidential Data Secured

While this seems like a no-brainer, and might make an entrepreneur wonder how this would save them money, keeping your sensitive information protected can be the most important investment you can make. A single successful cyber attack on your business’s servers could mean suffering from massive legal damages. The average costs that you may have to face could be several million dollars or more. When you compare that amount to the cost of a monthly subscription to a safe and secure cloud security solution, the benefits far away the initial expenses you have to make.


These are but a few of the ways that cloud technologies can give your business an upper hand in the competitive global market. Other advantages include the fact that it makes your business friendlier to the environment due to the decreased amount of power consumed, and the ability to recover data in case of a server crash. Now is absolutely the best time to invest in this type of system for your company’s success in the digital age.

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