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Bare Metal And Cloud Mean Good Business
2015-06-08 by  Adam Groff


If you want to take your business's cloud activities to the next level, then bare metal might be the answer.

That's right, bare machines and the cloud are working together to improve the computing environments of millions of businesses.

If your business is in need of a digital boost, here are a few ways bare metal and the cloud can help:


Performance Consistency

Also known as bare metal cloud computing, the cloud and bare metal servers can increase performance consistency for your business.

Bare metal clouds dedicate all server resources to one tenant: your business. This reduces latency issues and ensures your business is getting the most efficient cloud experience possible.


For example, bare metal clouds can be configured for specific business applications where different hardware and software is required. This includes common business computing situations where large amounts of RAM are used.

In other words, the scalability of bare metal clouds allow for consistent performance in just about any computing environment.


Fluctuating Workloads

Chances are your business puts a ton of strain on its network on a daily basis.

Some days are probably more intense than others, but fortunately bare metal clouds can handle fluctuating workloads with ease.

As the following article asks, “Why does bare metal + cloud = better?”

Well, when it comes to media encoding, rendering farms, and any other data-heavy environments, bare-metal clouds outperform traditional virtualized clouds, especially when it comes to I/O workloads.

Unlike standard cloud computing, your business can put workloads, no matter how large or small, directly into the bare metal cloud and expect the same accelerated performance levels.



No two businesses are the same, which is why customization is such an important factor in business computing.

With a bare metal cloud, your business can customize all of its hardware to meet the requirements of specific applications. This ensures your business doesn't waste any of it computing resources.

The bare metal cloud can also be used to mirror servers and computing systems that your business already has onsite.

This is ideal if your business is looking to expand or if it simply wants to shift applications without having to add hardware such as additional servers.


Dedicated Servers

Using a bare metal cloud means your business can rely on a dedicated server as opposed to a shared public server. This translates to peace of mind for your business and all of its computing activities.

Dedicated servers mean your business's workloads will always run consistently and without interference from outside intrusion.



Speaking of outside intrusions, bare metal clouds also offer unparalleled data security.

Because bare metal clouds offer their own fully functioning infrastructure, everything operates behind firewalls and other custom security configurations.

In addition, bare metal clouds also meet and exceed security compliance requirements, especially those that call for data isolation.

Security configurations can be installed at both the network and application level, making the bare metal cloud partnership impenetrable.


When your business wants to take its cloud computing sky high, then consider going the bare metal route.

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