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The Business Of The Bare Metal Cloud


Many businesses have adopted Cloud computing in an effort to achieve greater efficiency, agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The Cloud usually meets the expectations of businesses, but high-performance workloads can create challenges for traditional virtual Cloud computing systems.

However, new options have emerged recently to help businesses achieve optimal Cloud performance, and one of them is the bare metal Cloud.

Here is a look at why businesses should consider using bare metal Cloud.

Performance Limitations of Traditional Virtual Clouds

The multi-tenant nature of virtual public cloud platforms and the presence of a hypervisor layer can result in performance degradation.

The hypervisor provides the flexibility, visibility and management capabilities for running multiple virtual machines on one server, but it also creates extra processing overhead that can undermine performance significantly.

While it does not affect every application, it can be constraining in cases where the application architecture demands high levels of data throughput, especially if there is oversubscription.

When there are too many virtual machines competing for server resources, there will be limited I/O for handling data-heavy workloads, which can result in inefficient use of resources.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

Bare metal Cloud enables Cloud users to complement their virtual Cloud services with dedicated servers and eliminate virtualization overhead without sacrificing the efficiency, flexibility and scalability benefits of Cloud computing.

A bare metal server is not virtualized and does not run a hypervisor, and it can be delivered through a Cloud service model.

As such, it combines the automation and scalability of a virtual Cloud with the high performance capabilities of a dedicated server.

Depending on the application, one bare metal server is usually capable of supporting larger workloads than several virtual machines that are similar in size.

Benefits of Using Bare Metal Cloud

Besides improving performance, bare metal Cloud can also benefit your business in other ways.

According to an article entitled "3 Reasons Why the Bare Metal Cloud is Blossoming", an increasing number of businesses are implementing bare metal Cloud because it gives IT managers a higher degree of control.

A hypervisor gives Cloud users the impression that they have direct and exclusive access to a server, but there are actually many users accessing the same server simultaneously.

As such, IT administrators have limited freedom when it comes to configuring servers. Bare metal Cloud allows them to directly configure the servers in which their data is stored.

Additionally, businesses can use bare metal Cloud to enhance data security.

Many businesses are hesitant to adopt Cloud computing because they are unwilling to store their data in servers that are not proven to be safe.

With bare metal Cloud, they can store their data offsite and configure dedicated servers remotely to meet their security needs.

As Cloud technology continues to improve, new Cloud options will be introduced from time to time to meet the evolving computing needs of businesses.

For now, if you are looking for a Cloud solution that can give you better performance, control and security, bare metal Cloud may be the ideal option for you.

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