Exploit The Linux Reseller Hosting Systems To Ensure High Returns

2014-02-17 by Sachin Agarwal

Exploit the Linux Reseller hosting systems to ensure high returns, and satisfied customers!

Linux hosting is the most popular type of web hosting. If your website files end in .php or .html, then Linux hosting is suitable for you. Linux hosting utilizes the Linux operating system, using open source technologies like PHP, MySQL and Perl. Resellers can maximize profit by buying from the host company in bulk and reselling to individuals or firms.

What Linux reseller web hosting offers:

It enables users to create their own packages, without the infrastructure it requires. Users can also manage hosting packages, domain names, email addresses and databases from one central location.

With such reseller web hosting, users can start their own web hosting business, and the hosting is completely white label. This means that there is no reference to the host company, using anonymous host names for databases and web servers. With white label hosting, users can focus on the important aspects of their website, without hiring a large IT staff to manage the website.

Most reselling services offer the reseller flexibility in creating their own service plans and pricing structure.

When a reseller opts for reselling shared hosting services, he sells a certain portion of disk space and bandwidth, without renting a server from the host company.

Resellers need not have extensive technical knowledge on web hosting. Any problems pertaining to hardware, software or connectivity is forwarded to the service provider, from whom the reseller purchased the plan.

How various reseller services differ?

You reseller service may give you the benefit of hosting unlimited domains, while some have a restriction to the number of domains you can host. Some services offer a dedicated IP address, which lets you access your accounts via FTP or the web, when the domain name is accessible, among other factors. A dedicated IP address also sets up SSL protection on your website. While not directly helpful for search engine ranking, it does improve the load time, indirectly boosting your website.

Basic Differences between the different packages offered in Linux Reseller Website Hosting:

Your packages may differ in the following features:

  1. The hard disk space offered: this can vary from 10 GB for lite packages to 40 GB for enterprises.
  2. The Data Transfer and Bandwidth: Bandwidth determines the amount of time your website can take to load.  Data transfer is the net data your website consumes in a month.
  3. The number of domain aliases: This is simply the alternate name for an internet domain. These range from 1,000 domain aliases offered to up to 5,000.
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