The Advantages Of Cloud Computing Add Impetus To The Web Hosting Industry

2013-03-21by Michael Moore

With the immergence of the cloud computing technology, the web hosting services have gone through a revolution in terms of quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. In traditional hosting, the business owner makes its website online with help of the internet servers that are physically situated in a data centre at some place. But in cloud hosting, all the computing resources such as the storage, applications and services are accessed from remote virtual servers in a network connected by the internet. That means the web owner does not need to physically possess these computing resources and can easily manage its hosted websites by a computer with a high speed internet connection only at anytime from anywhere.

The hosting provider takes care of the maintenance and management of the remote virtual internet servers so that the business owners get sufficient web space and bandwidth for their hosted websites to run faster and without interruption. The hosted websites effectively cater to all the diversified activities of the present web users by sharing with the available resources of any of the unused remote virtual servers in the network. The websites availing of the advantages of cloud computing services do not face the server downtime issue and hence win the confidence of the web visitors.

The other advantages of cloud computing are found to be of great help to the hosting environment. The remote access of the various applications and services makes the cloud hosting less prone to various virus attacks and intrusions. The information on the hosted website using this advanced technology remains absolutely safe and there is no chance of possible data misuse by the unauthorized entities. The business owners subscribing to the cloud hosting solutions pay as per the amount of the services used rather than any fixed charge. The web owners also get the flexibility of changing the quantum of the resources according to the load of the web traffic at any particular time.

The cloud hosting services become a preferred choice by the webmasters as they get all the required support and infrastructure for their hosted websites at absolutely minimal possession and maintenance of the computing resources. These hosting solutions are comparatively cheaper in price, offer more security and flexibilities. Hence this desired service is best suited for either a beginner that wants to venture into the online business platform or an established entity that has the plans to diversify its virtual business. Every enterprise is getting benefitted with the advantages of cloud computing and is making its online business more strong and reliable.

Matching with the global trend, the cloud computing in India is growing at a fast pace. The India cloud computing service providers offer the customized packages that match the requirements of the webmaster for a successful online business platform. The large pool of talented technical manpower supported by updated infrastructure and expertise led the Indian hosts to provide the best quality and customer centric hosting solutions to the online business community. An impressive performance track record and long lasting goodwill of the Indian service providers attract the business enterprises across the globe and result in creating huge related job opportunities at the same time.


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