Cloud & Dedicated Server: The Ideal Alternatives Of Web Hosting

2012-07-09 by Server Space

Cloud Server

The technology are continuously evolving to keep pace with the latest advancement and development going on in each and every field. Similarly the field of website hosting is also witnessing great technological advancement and the latest trend prevailing in the web hosting field is the use of cloud server and hosting. Businesses and organizations are showing their great interest in and hosting and are hosting their websites, e-mail and databases by the advantageous hosting. Organizations are preferring because it offers them more for less and ensures more power behind the web and infrastructure engines. The many advantages of cloud server in terms of website hosting have made companies realized the great significance and dominance of this type of hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting

hosting is greatly preferred by the large websites having excessive traffic that requires reliability and high performance. Despite of its high price, this type of web hosting is still preferred and admired by the businesses because this oldest type of web hosting is extremely trust-worthy that offers great performance, enhanced security and freedom that allow the businesses to administer their server in their own way. Moreover, the server hosting allow the clients to have complete authority of selecting the hardware configuration along with the freedom of choosing the operating system for their . hosting is extremely different from the shared server hosting in which multiple clients share the same resources and are not given with much of choice and options.

Difference between Cloud & Dedicated Server

In recent times both cloud and dedicated server hosting are in great demand and their demand are expected to rise in the near future. The innumerable benefits and advantages of these hosting types are motivating more and more business houses to use either of this hosting for their websites. The prime difference between the two is that a dedicated server is a physical equipment kept inside a room whereas cloud server is a virtual server that allows features like load balancing, customization and storage. The other major difference between the two type of hosting is that in case of cloud hosting the clients are likely to pay for the resources, which they want to back their application on the Internet while in dedicated server hosting the clients have to pay for the entire server irrespective of the amount of server they use.

Both the dedicated server and cloud server hosting are in great demand and will definitely gain their prominence in the future. The choice between the two hosting will usually depend upon one own requirements and needs. Although, many businesses are now even thinking to utilize a hybrid hosting, which perfectly combines the dedicated and cloud server hosting.

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