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2012-04-12by James Watson

Cloud computing is said to be the latest buzz for the business industry simply for offering practical solutions to the most common problems. A close look at the problems faced by small business houses is likely to reveal the limitation imposed by restricted workplace, concerns for security, inhibitions to look for better alternatives, the list is endless. Cloud Computing promises to offer solution for these common problems of business users. It can not be claimed to be the one-solution-fits-all for the small businesses and professionals though.

So what are solutions offered by Cloud Computing

This simple question could generate more than thousand answers and still it might not cover the entire advantages offered by Cloud Computing. But definitely we can list out 5 key solutions which help you accelerate your business. Here are they:

Freedom To Move on

Portability is the key benefit offered by the cloud computing. It lets the user to use a simple PC as a replica of high power PC. This PC with latest configuration is in fact a virtual PC connected through the internet and shown on the users’ desktop resembling as the real one. The exciting aspect of this portability is the ease and sophistication. A user just needs an internet supporting device whether a PC or a handheld device to get going.  

Making sense of Application Hosting


Cloud computing may be perceived to work as a medium to utilize computing resources, from hard disk drives, dynamic memories to computing power. However cloud computing medium can also be used to host applications on a server hosted by a third party service provider. You can purchase useful business applications related to the financial management, accounting or operations of your profession and give it to the hosting service provider. The service provider will install the application on its server which you might be using already. Upon installation the user is ready to use the installed application as well as computing resources.

Accountable services


The cloud computing service providers employ experienced IT professionals round the clock. They not just offer call support but also promise to attend you if you need their prompt services. They have their physical resources kept at different locations and in case of an unexpected error in one server, the user is directed to the other server. All this activity takes place without the notice of the user as entire process is automated.


Less Investment for startups


The investment cost for seeking cloud computing is much less as compared to the normal investment one would make in purchasing particular kind of computing resources available in the server. The cloud computing service providers distribute the resources among many service seekers, charge a nominal amount in return and make moderate money but the maximum advantage is availed by the users who do not have to purchase hardware resources in order to use them.


The user also has the option to seek reduced services during the off or non productive business cycle which will result in less billing

Saving with lesser training hours


Availing the computing services from third party also saves the users from potential investments. The investment could have been made in the deployment of manpower for maintaining the high-end computing resources which cloud computing helps save.


Reliable Security

Users can be sure of safe and secure services offered through cloud computing platform. The sharing of data is done over 128 bit encryption medium. The users especially senior managers and business owners can also set login criteria given limited control to general employees and access to sensitive data to senior managers and decision makers they can confide.

These are benefits which is increasingly making it popular among the confident businessmen who wish to effectively utilize IT services to accelerate their businesses.

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