SSL Certificates - what they are and how to gain visitor confidence using it?

2010-10-01by RadhikaNagi

Due to the advent of internet, numerous opportunities have come up on the global market and thus the companies doing online business is mushrooming. However, the customers are still not able to make the most of this opportunity, as they are concerned about the security of the transactions that take place over the internet. To solve this problem, the companies can take the help of ssl certificates. To know that you are dealing with the right person or the right company, you will have to load his/her root certificate on the browser you are using. The certificate will have information about owner such as name and email address and usage of certificate and its validity.

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer technology helps in creating a link between the browser and the server. The link is encrypted and with the help of this link the data that passes through the browser to the server, remains confidential and integral. This technology is being used by millions of companies in order to secure the online transactions for the convenience of their customers. The websites need an SSL certificate in order to generate links for SSL.

The usage of these certificates is for ensuring the safety of transactions to your customers. Once you have ensured the safety of the transactions, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your online business to the most. The operations and delivery will be cost effective and you will be able to get customers from the global market. Once you have a customer base, you will be able to find ways to market your business using new marketing methods. You will also be able to offer new products and expand your business via internet.

Your customers will have confidence in your company and the online operations. The customers will be of the point of view that your store considers their security seriously and their credit card information is not shared with anyone else while they carry out a transaction. When the SSL certificate is installed on a website, a padlock icon will be visible on the bottom line of the navigator. When the website has an extended validation certificate, the people who make use of Mozilla FireFox, Opera, or the Internet Explorer will be able to see that their address bar turns green. Make sure your website has an SSL certificate for your website so that your customers can carry on with the transactions in an easy manner.

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