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Cosmotown Offers 5 - 10 Years On Domain Names To Promote Hosting Partnership
10:51:15 - 31 July 2013

Cosmotown.com, a global domain registrar, will add 5 years free to a domain registration to promote its hosting partnership with Bluehost. Up to 2 domains names are eligible with the sign up of a new hosting account.

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013 - Cosmotown.com is currently offering 5 years of free domain registration when registering or transferring a domain to promote its partnership with Bluehost. Bluehost was rated one of the best web hosting providers on the internet by Lifehacker. Up to 2 domain names are eligible with a hosting account sign up. Customers can receive up to 10 years on domain registration with one hosting account. Cosmotown values its existing customers as much as new ones, so current customers are eligible with domains they have already registered.

Cosmotown has Free Whois Domain Privacy for Life and the guaranteed lowest domain renewal prices.

Redemption of this offer is contingent on being a new customer to Bluehost. The process is simple. First, register or transfer a domain to Cosmotown and enter the code CosmotownBlue at checkout. Current customers have already fulfilled this requirement. Then click on a link from the Cosmotown site and sign up for a 1-year hosting plan with Bluehost. To be eligible, users must be new customers to Bluehost and click on a link from the Cosmotown site. 5 years will be automatically added to their domain(s) within 48-72 hours.

With this offer, a 1-year domain registration will net 6 years. A 2 year-registration will net 7 years, etc.

Many hosting providers offer a free domain for one year with their hosting packages. However, starting the second year, the price inflates to $15 or more. With Cosmotown’s 5-year deal, customers can register a .com for 6 years for $8.99 out the door.

"Renewals are always the same low price as registrations and transfers. Customer loyalty is crucial at Cosmotown," said James Paik, Vice President of Sales, Cosmotown.

Their double the difference guarantee ensures the lowest prices on domain renewals and registrations. If customers find a lower regular price elsewhere, Cosmotown will refund double the difference (special promotional pricing, limited time offers, coupon pricing excluded).

Along with the 5 years on domains and award-winning hosting, Cosmotown offers Whois Privacy at no charge for as long as a domain is registered with them (country code TLDs are excluded due to registry restrictions). This makes them one of the only registrars offering Whois Privacy that’s truly at no cost.

Those not familiar with Whois Privacy Protection (otherwise known as domain privacy or private registration), it is a service that replaces a domain registrant’s contact information on the publicly accessible Whois Database. When a domain is searched in the database, Cosmotown’s contact information is displayed instead of the domain owners'. Personal contact details are not accessible to domain spammers, cybersquatters and the general public.

This is not contingent on the purchase of a more costly product. Customers do not have to sign up for hosting to receive it. Some registrars charge $9.99 a year per domain for privacy protection. $9.99 a year is more than the annual price of a .com at Cosmotown.

That makes this the best combined hosting and domain registration package on the market.

Cosmotown is building a reputation for the lowest prices that stay low, no hidden fees, and value added services. They do not upsell or bait and switch customers with low introductory prices that go up significantly the next year.

Cosmotown does domain names differently, the right way.

http://www.cosmotown.com is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Accredited by ICANN in 2010, Cosmotown is backed by the financial strength of its majority shareholders Crosscert, Inc and Symantec, Inc. Crosscert has been a market leader in internet-based trust services since 1999 and publicly traded since 2010. Symantec, a Fortune 500, is the world’s most trusted name and global market leader in website security, storage and systems management.


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