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Development Of Cloud Services Is Fueled By Public Clouds
2014-07-15 by  Harry Warner


Advancement in cloud computing has definitely strengthened the IT organizations to a great extent. This has furthermore increased the number of cloud services providers offering cloud services. In point of fact, would like to say that as per the industry analysts' mainstream of current modernizations in the cloud technology has basically originated from clouds.

Well, these are free cloud networks which are provided by the service provider to the general public over the Internet at nominal cost. This model of cloud actually evolved from the provision of free email services, which was employed to generate income through advertisements. With passage of time, the usage of services increased which further led to increase in the number of service providers. Hence there was a need for modernization to create a competitive advantage.

However, it is expected that Cloud Hosting services are going to create growth in next coming years. Here are some the ways through which cloud is expected to create a real difference in the realms of cloud technology:

-Firstly, with the increased number of service providers mandates continuous enhancement in deliverance of cloud-based services. For instance, let us consider email and storage services. Now think about the need for greater than before storage space requirement. However, any average user at any point of time usually requires additional space to store their data. And, this can only be met by the industry only through increased storage space provision. cloud hosting services provider who focus on cloud storage do come across fierce competition as compared to the ones who can provide auxiliary capabilities to the end user either free of cost or at an reasonable price.

- Secondly, would say that availability of improved options is also another reason behind constant innovation. Within the cloud realm, providers have no other option but to add value to their product offerings in order make a distinction. Hence, this multiplication in cloud services providers means that a provider can no longer stay ahead in the competition simply by offering generic services. There has to be some capability in their service that enables the users to stick to them for long run.

- Last, but not the least clouds are considered as cost effective solutions which has further enabled the businesses cut down their cost of ownership to a great extent. They no longer have to invest huge upfront cost on the procurement of hardware or software applications. Not to mention, a majority of cloud service users had started up their journey to cloud with a free public cloud. This has undeniably helped them in unleashing various advantages of cloud computing. Therefore, the goodwill created by public clouds actually prompted users to go ahead with premium priced cloud services.

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Harry Warner

Ultimately, would conclude by saying that makes a smarter choice by opting for hybrid cloud server India. Look for the right service provider and focus on other core competencies of your business.

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