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How Trends May Affect The Future Of Data Recovery
2014-07-11 by  Tony O Hare


While one of the worse data loss incidents cost a UK business more than £18.5 million from data loss, this number is predicted to be higher in the future. Why is data loss expected to be more expensive? The number of laptop users is expected to rise in the future. There were 24 million instances of computers failing because of hard drive failures, etc. Why will data loss recovery be needed and the costs of data loss rise?

Unlike a desktop PC, laptop computers can have a high instance of data recovery. Laptop data recovery hard drives fail at a higher rate because computer users are more likely to drop their laptops. However, it isn’t reason why it is necessary to have data recovery for individual and also small and large businesses. Data storage is also getting smaller, while businesses are increasing the size of external hard drive recovery needed. Companies need more in order to backup incremental data. Did you know that data loss costs companies can be at least 500,000 in pounds for a single UK business? The average lost through a data breach or data loss that requires data recovery may be more than 4 million pounds. This is why the instances of data loss can have risen and the need for data recovery and data recovery plans have increased. Businesses are relying on data more than ever to store customers’ confidential records, a company’s sensitive data, etc.

How businesses really can reduce data Loss

• Businesses may want to use password protection to protect sensitive employee and customer files. A password-protected computer reduces its value to a thief, if stolen. • Some businesses may want to skip high tech options and go with lojack option to track your computer. • Even with strong security measures, data loss may still occur. These data loss recovery mitigate recovery times. • There is little reason not to use backup data technology that is more affordable than it not to back up the data using data recovery hardware and software options. • Training sessions may be needed to teach employees ways that accidental data loss may occur and the best way to prevent data loss. It may also help IT professionals find what other data loss prevention measures are available to keep data from falling into the wrong hands.

Are you ever accidently erased data at work before? A business can protect their data to the best of their ability and preventing data loss may be worth the price. Did you know data recovery needed after the fact may cost a company more? At Nottingham Data Recovery, we can recover RAID 5 recovery data lost from hackers or accidental erasure. We can help businesses of all sizes and individuals recover lost data from memory sticks, camera cards etc. To see how we can help you, visit us at: www.nottinghamdatarecovery.co.uk

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Tony O Hare

Tony O Hare

Nottingham Data Recovery our primary goal is to ensure the safe and complete recovery of your data after it has been lost due to a hardware, software or firmware issue. External hard drive may fail in a variety of ways similar to their internally installed counterparts. We can advise and ensure the safe recovery of your data.Welcome to Nottingham Data Recovery, external hard drive data recovery we are a leading data recovery company for all your, laptop hard drive recovery Camera Media and USB Stick recovery requirements raid recovery in and around Nottingham. View Tony O Hare`s profile for more

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