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Tips On Choosing Best Web Hosting Company


Tips on choosing best web hosting company

At a time when a majority of the world is online, how can you afford to be offline, even for a second?! This is one of the major concerns that are haunting the interpreneurs. Technically, the time period for which your website will remain online, without any glitches, is referred to as “up-time”.

This up-time is the major constraint that you need to look into while searching for a web hosting firm.

Let’s look at what are all the features that you should be aware of, in order to end up with the best web hosting company:

  1. Ads: In case you have got the web hosting space at dirt cheap rates, you should know there’s something fishy. Although it’s not illegal, but to garner additional profits, many web hosting companies impose ads on your website.

    Hence, apart from earning from the monthly or yearly rental that you might be paying, they are expanding their pockets through these advertisements. The ads tend to make your site look like a spam thing going on, or if not this, then definitely ugly. Avoid the companies who impose ads.
  2. Security: The web hosting firm should employ SSL when communication takes place. This is nothing but the “https”, instead of “http” in your web browser’s address bar, which indicates and assures high level of security.
  3. Control Panel: The control panel of the provider needs to be very user friendly, as a majority of you are new to the backend of internet. If you are buying a dedicated server, you have all the access controls of server.
  4. Technicalities:
  • The up-time of the servers needs to be at least 99%, if not 100%.
  • The company should offer high bandwidth, which is nothing but the amount of data that can be transferred between a user and the server.
  • In case you need to maintain large databases and put HD pictures on your sites, or host a variety of files, make sure the firm offers disk space accordingly. If it’s offering too much of space as compared to your requirement, find a firm that offers less, but provides you with an option to expand at a later stage, as per the need.
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