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Debunking The Cloud Myth: Why Clouds Aren't Safe For Your Data


If a client has corruption on their side, a cloud will copy the data and spread it. This is why preserving data in a cloud may not always be helpful. The other problem is that if you are trying to upload in a cloud and there is an error during the upload, some clouds will not recognise there is an error. They will think that the data just simply failed to sync with data outside the cloud.

What is worse is that people cannot depend on their cloud upload to help them if there is a problem because there is no point of reference on the failed upload, such as a timestamp. For businesses customers, this may create nightmares because there may be inconsistent pieced together times from a string of “backups.” This can create headaches for businesses that rely on accurate customer service data to quickly serve their customers because they do not have a solid backup. It also may leave more room for error because there is misbehaviour in the system and it may cause an error.

Need for timely data highlights cloud’s Ineffectiveness

There was a time when IT professionals were simply glad to use Cloud technology, but as more timely data is passed into a cloud, it may cause problems if it cannot be retrieved in just as timely a manner. Cloud storage may also be less complex than other sources of on-premise data storage options.

Does this mean that clouds do not have as good of security as on-site data storage options? This may not necessarily be true because clouds can store data across many different devices in the same facility or multiple devices in several facilities.

Clouds may not recover older data or even accidentally erased Data

Did you know that storing on the cloud may not be the best option if you want to recover older versions of files or even accidentally erased data? This is because cloud data, while it does store files, it is not designed to retrieve files deleted through human error.

This is why cloud systems may still not be the best for your business or even your personal files. You still may need a data recovery service to retrieve much needed sensitive data. Companies may still have to dig into their expense account to pay for data recovery that a cloud system is not designed to achieve. If homeowners are using cloud data, they may not be able to pay for both cloud storage and also pay to retrieve data recovery services.

Are you still considering using a cloud for your sensitive company or home office data? It may be best to store your files in an offline data facility that can backup sensitive data and provide support if you do need data stored across multiple driver arrays. Here at Staines Data Recovery, we can retrieve lost data for you from an accidental erasure that a cloud cannot touch. Visit us at: www.stainesdatarecovery.com to see what data recovery services we can offer you. Welcome to Staines Data Recovery, we are a leading data recovery company for all your, Camera Media and USB Stick recovery requirements in and around staines. More information visit, Data Recovery Services UK, External Hard Drive Recovery, Hard Drive Data Recovery.

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