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The Benefits Of Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is nothing but the next stage in the world of Internet's evolution, providing the means through which almost everything - from computing power to computing infrastructure, applications, business processes to even personal collaboration - can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need. In an ideal atmosphere business or organizations are only in need of devices and connectivity to the internet, whereas the other requirements like software, applications, data, security, storage and networking are all made available to you by the cloud service provider.

Cloud Computing has taken the world by storm for the past five years, though not everyone believes and swears by it yet, there are many people who are still into the believe in the age old concept of buying infrastructure even if one is unable to utilize it completely. However, with constant upgradations in the cloud computing atmosphere, there has been a sizeable shift of non - believers to believers. There is a plethora of cloud services, the most common ones being;

SaaS - Software as a Service
Cloud Hosting & Storage
SECaaS - Security as a Service
IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
Backup as a Service
PaaS - Platform as a Service
MaaS - Monitoring as a Service
CaaS - Commerce as a Service

Today's users require 24/7 secure access to more business apps. Demands of IT is sky rocketing. In a scenario with ever increasing demands, Cloud Computing seems to be the only answer which is a combination of both low costs and perennial supplies.

Pay for what you use - People's needs may be growing and gaining complexities, but capital resources are not growing proportionately. Cloud Computing gives you the option of paying per usage, consequently helping you to save money.

No IT Bottlenecks - You no longer have to stand in queue to avail a service or software that you are looking for. Storing data on a cloud, gives you better and faster access.

Get rid of computer rooms full of servers and data storage - You no longer have to accommodate large computer rooms, data storage centers, firewall, routers and large support teams. This reduces your cost and your responsibility so that you can now concentrate on the work at hand. Power consumption is less as you do not have to maintain an onsite infrastructure facility.

No Need to Constantly Invest in Upgrades - With Cloud Computing services, you no longer have to invest in constant updates and upgrades. You can have a hassle free work life, not focusing on the peripheral jobs. You do not have to invest in technology that you only use at special times.

Public Cloud and Private Cloud - Depending on the exclusivity of the information that you want to keep, you may either have a public cloud, which you may find difficult to trust or have private clouds. Hence cloud commuting is the most important facet that can save your time and labor.

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