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Why Businesses Wants Data Center Services?
2013-12-19 by  Ricoh India


It has been accounted for by the US Department of Labor Statistics that most of the SMEs never recuperate from disastrous data loss.

In a recent research International Data Center reported that 58 percent of the companies are doing just a local back-up.

To protect the critical data first step considering by local backups are good and beneficial. These are exceptionally adequate against introductory mistakes with data, software or hardware failure but these are not protectable against theft, disaster or multiple hardware / software failure due to voltage.

Seeing the everyday developing reliance, it may not be misrepresenting that organizations flourish on data and Internet. Yet, it is amazing to see that how organizations are talking risks without thinking much to put resources into a data security plan. Businesses must be aware the things that after any disaster building and all other infrastructure can be restructured via insurance or other business group helps but if you lost your data this can’t be restored. It is the most figuring out element for the presence of a business. Henceforth, the need of great importance is to consider businesses data security plan.

Data security plans, in order to be completely prepared, should meet the three “C” of safe, reliable and secured data center:

1) Comprehensive: Data plan for organizations should be unique and universal to protect the data from any virus threats and challenges ahead. The business must be use one data security plan from all problems such as software or hardware failure, application failure, manual errors, natural and man-made disasters such as floods, fire, theft etc.

2) Convenience: It should be plug-n-play for business and its IT department. The support of the servers and security of data should be the responsibility of Data Center Services providers; this is not your responsibility. Without adapting much into your existing IT architecture, they should have the capacity to furnish the any needs or expanded bandwidth when you necessary without pushing you for steady mind.

3) Cost: This is the most significant part to manage or hire the data center. The data center services might as fit into your company budget. Any data center service provider should not be increasing the amount of the services or bandwidth costs on monthly basis. The SAL and contract explains your business needs and should be focus on it.

Along these lines, to conquer the test of data assurance, data center backups are the best strategy to hold your data and guarantee its well being. The data center services providers are offering increasing bandwidth and ubiquity in your location. The data centers are remotely monitored your data and protect it from any harmful threat. Human contribution is constrained to IT engineers and expert maintenance team. The geographical location of any data center also can minimize the risk of any disaster, floods, earthquake or any natural calamities. They are frequently arranged at low hazard zones.

The majority of organizations and undertakings are deciding on the data center solutions in the wake of assimilating the part of data in the development of their steps. India obviously rises as the champ seeing the advancements in innovation and practical patterns in data center domains. Suppliers like Ricoh India offer Tier III data center set up to outfit the organizations against any data risk. In the times of disaster, data center India gives fast recuperation advance and help business continuity by recovering the data in the briefest turnaround time.

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Ricoh India

Ricoh India Limited

Ricoh India is one of the leading data center service providers in the country having state of the art Tier 3 Data Centers in New Delhi and Kolkata. The Data Center is precision-controlled air-conditioning systems with incorporated N+1 redundancy. We guarantee uninterrupted uptime of your server thanks to our backup power lines, high capacity power generators, electricity lines and lease lines. The security and safety of your server and the Data Center is of prime importance and we ensure the same by having state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems. Sophisticated onsite security through surveillance cameras and advanced biometric systems to prevent unauthorized entry. Networking equipment are fully redundant high-end switches and routers, BGP4 routing for optimal path selection and full redundancy, etc.

Features of Ricoh Data Center:-

N+1" Redundancy Engineering

Carrier Neutral Facilities

Tier III Facility

99.99% uptime

Instant Server & Equipment Setup

Lowest Latency

Highly Available at Lowest Cost

27001:2005 Certification

Services offer by Ricoh Data Center:-

Dedicated Servers India

Cloud Server India

VPS Hosting India

Email Hosting India

Managed Hosting Services

Disaster Recovery Plans

Windows VPS India

Linux VPS India

Colocation India

Live Data Backup

Data Center Operations

Document Management Solutions

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