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Why Would You Ever Want A Virtual Private Server?
2013-01-22 by  John Trodey


Getting a virtual private server is a hosting option different from traditional servers held together by huge tower blocks of technology with special cooling units. The server is stored completely online and the only contact users have with their server is in their settings and the end product. This applies whether using Hungarian VPS or Australian VPS. Nevertheless, why would anyone ever want one of these servers?


The main difference between owning a server stored just down the hall and a virtual server is that it is not the responsibility of the user. It is entirely the responsibility of the owner to maintain the server and pay for any upgrades or replacement parts. It does not sound like much, but the cost of maintaining a server can cost hundreds of dollars each year; and the bigger ones run into thousands.

For a busy company, this lack of maintenance is vital as it allows them to continue with their operations without having to spend time and money dealing with any technical issues.

Carved Up Hosting

A virtual private server is not always a full server. If the owner feels they have too much capacity, they can change things by renting out parts of their server. This is where the ‘virtual’ and ‘private’ come into play because if the server splits to service multiple users, it does not affect performance or privacy. Two users utilizing the same server cannot see anything the other is doing, nor do they know of their existence.

This is why major companies purchase extremely large private servers for the purposes of splitting them up and making a profit. It does not affect the service of the people using the server and it allows them to ply their trade anywhere in the world. For example, a UK company could use a server run by a Hungarian VPS company, and vice-versa.

Multiple Website Management

Use a shared hosting provider and the options for multiple website management are not ideal; along with the amount of storage space and bandwidth allowed. On the other hand, a virtual private server can allow clients more space and options. As well as more space, which is ideal for sites using video and other ‘large’ forms of multimedia, it is possible to tailor each website quickly and easily.

As long as the website and all its content can fit on the hosting server in question, customers can place different permissions on options on each website. This is not the case for shared hosting. Organizations that use shared hosting must have a separate hosting space for each website or it applies the same permissions. For diverse websites, this is not workable.

Make a Business

Anybody can make a business by buying VPS space and selling it to the general public. The best part about this process is that the seller is only the intermediary; it is still up to the true owner of the server to upgrade and maintain the server.

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