About the Awards

With over 560 entrants in 2012, the Annual Web Hosting Awards are regarded as a benchmark for excellence in the web hosting industry. The Awards are a global recognition of innovators and market leaders, set up to reward outstanding contributions and accomplishments within the web hosting industry.

The 2013 Annual Awards take a fresh look at the web hosting industry. Their focus has been placed again on the increased demand for cloud services as well as the hybrid hosting that has been steadily gaining momentum.

This year’s awards will honor compelling companies that have shown excellence in the rapidly changing hosting environment and have made the biggest impact on the industry during the year. Only 10 exceptional companies will win in each category.

A total of 11 categories will be awarded:

  • Best Web Hosting Company
  • Best Dedicated Server Package
  • Best Affordable Hosting
  • Best Managed Hosting Service
  • Best Reseller Hosting
  • Best VPS Provider
  • Best Cloud Service Provider
  • Best Hybrid Cloud Solution
  • Best Managed Cloud Solution
  • Best Private Cloud Service
  • Readers' Choice Awards

Ranking Criteria:

When ranking the firms, the HostReview team takes into consideration a suite of factors, including offered services, package diversity, customer support, new products and services, feedback, website popularity, and overall performance of the selected companies.

Readers' Choice Awards are part of the HostReview's Annual Web Hosting Awards, and it is a community-focused competition recognizing the best web hosting providers of 2013.

Readers' choice is the most sought-after awards in the web hosting world. For the sixth consecutive year, our readers will choose the best of the best from around the globe.

The entry for the 2013 competition is now open! This is a chance for the web hosting companies to receive acclaim as an innovator, be recognized by industry peers and customers and stand out from the crowd.

Take part in one of the most exciting competitions in the industry today by nominating the most influential and state-of-the-art hosting provider, and be eligible to win the big prize - Black iPod Touch 32GB!

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