Tina Hayden

Tina Hayden

Skilled at implementing marketing branding and support through project management, credit analysis, collections and Today's Horoscope forecasting. High organizational aptitude for managing multiple projects simultaneously.

Expertise Includes:

Project Management, Budget forecasting, Collateral Development, Vendor relations and negotiations, Branding messaging, Marketing Research, Event Planning, Compliance Customer Service, Credit Analysis and Collections.

Posts by Tina Hayden

The Most Effective MailChimp Alternatives.
by Tina Hayden - 2019-06-13 06:17:02 in General Information

MailChimp has been the irrefutable leader in the world of email marketing, and you can use the word “MailChimp” and “Email Marketing” correspondingly.because of its user-friendly interface, and an impressive cluster of features, MailChimp has been the dominant email marketing tool over the years.


How To Work On SEO To Get Top In SERP
by Tina Hayden - 2019-06-06 08:21:38 in Marketing

Nowadays, there is a new magnet launched in this updating world which is named as “Digital Marketing”. Actually, it is not a new word for some people but has become so powerful that each and everyone is getting attracted towards it, from small businesses to large everyone is getting connected with this term.