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Tetiana Boichenko
at N-iX
Tetiana Boichenko, marketing manager at N-iX LLC. She’s been working in technology companies for three years writing about emerging technologies like blockchain, AI/Machine Learning and their implication for business, particularly focusing on fintech domain.
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How To Efficiently Scale A Fintech Software Product
by Tetiana Boichenko - 2019-02-22 14:16:07 in e-commerce

Fintech startups that are rushing to launch their product and test it on the market often compromise software architecture scalability.That creates a wide range of problems when fintech companies need to scale up operations and software development. To beat the competition, fintechs need to prepare a solid ground for growth. They must have a reliable and easily scalable IT platforms to efficiently expand operations, innovate, develop new business models, cooperate with other companies, and reach new customer segments. Transition to microservices is one of viable solutions to the problem.