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Roger Dutta
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I take great pleasure in breaking down complex tech topics and presenting them in a way that's easily understood. Armed more the 7 years of experience as writer and content manager, I understand the importance of concise and informative posts.
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Practical Reminders In Adopting Strategic Tech Trends For Digital Businesses In 2022
by Roger Dutta - 2022-07-22 06:13:33 in General Information

Gartner’s annual list of strategic technology trends for 2022 shows a mix of familiar and less familiar tech that will be useful for digital businesses. The tech research and consulting firm expects these trends to become force multipliers for businesses and catalysts for innovation in the next three to five years.


Vishing Attacks Explained: What Are They, And How Can Businesses Prevent Them?
by Roger Dutta - 2022-06-17 07:32:55 in General Information

People tend to believe that they’re immune to scams. Cases often hit the front line of the news and when we read about them in hindsight, they do seem apparent.


Why Does DDoS Remain To Be A Serious Cyber Threat?
by Roger Dutta - 2022-01-14 06:59:35 in Technical Support

DDOS continues to be an effective way for Cybercriminals to attack online businesses and assets. This article talks about the evolution of DDOS protection to tackle the threat.