David Dunber

David Dunber
PR Manager at Procloudhosting
Procloudhosting.com is among the innovator offering dedicated, VPS, Linux as well as Windows hosting services. Dedicated Cloud Hosting services are appropriate for scaling and hosting dynamic web-based applications. And a Dedicated Cloud is evidently better than a VPS or shared hosting based on performance. For more information, log on to Procloudhosting.com
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Cloud Computing Makes The Web Hosting More Affordable And Reliable
by David Dunber - 2012-11-05 03:56:42 in Cloud Computing

In cheap managed cloud hosting, a collection of servers is tuned together to solve the problems like network fluctuations, traffic overload, server crashes or any similar activity that affects the performances of the websites hosted over any of the servers in the same cloud. The cluster of the servers in the network that works together is called as the cloud. With a cloud computing setup, the users can access the computing resources like servers, software and hardware which are spread across remote locations.


Affordable Cloud Hosting - Highly Productive And Future Of Web Hosting Services
by David Dunber - 2012-10-10 09:51:10 in Cloud Computing

David Dunbar, PR Manager, Pro Cloud Hosting, stated in a recent press conference in Seatel, ” The cloud hosting is less expensive and highly productive, it is obvious that one day everybody would be in the cloud.’’


What Is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting
by David Dunber - 2012-09-06 03:57:57 in Cloud Computing

As of today, many clients and users are moving their business to the cloud server and are leaving the traditional servers, is it justified? We will discuss today cloud hosting vs dedicated hosting, their advantages, features and differences.