Amit K Dogra is the co-founder and CEO of Orion eSolutions, an IT company based out in Mohali and USA. Handpicked by McKinsey & Company after my B.Tech from Chitkara University in 2008, I learnt some valuable lessons of life and trade while working with the largest management firm in the world. To be blessed with a mind and heart for Computer Science, it has been my destiny; gaining the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship from my exposure and experience in this field is how I derived my vision for life. Today, as the CEO & Operations Head of Orion eSolutions, I take pride in conceiving it as an organization to provide most agile and precise solutions in sync with the demands of the customers all across the world. I often spend my leisure time celebrating with my team deriving a vague sense of accomplishment noticing the evolutions and growth in each member of Orion ever since they joined us. Today, with a firm belief in what I want in life, I wish to further expand the realms of my knowledge and refine my quest for excellence.
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How DevOps Helps Startups? Some Useful Tips 2021
by AmitDogra - 2021-04-20 08:20:50 in Basics

One of the most important methods to grow an IT startup is to maintain a confluence of the software development team and the IT operations team. Implementing effective DevOps tips for start-ups at the initial outset of the start-up lifecycle is necessary to achieve long term success.


A Complete Guide To Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Scalable & Secure Cloud Services
by AmitDogra - 2021-04-15 11:31:44 in Cloud Computing

So even before we put forward and present a case for AWS, why it should be used and most importantly the staggering benefits that come along, it is important to take a stock of who all are using it?