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Manchun Kumar
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Manchun Pandit is a Digital Marketer Since 2008, He is Currently Serving in USA for JanBask Digital Design. We are writing mainly are in Web Development, SEO, Social media and Digital Marketing.

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Top Online Resources For SQL Training
by Manchun Kumar - 2017-01-24 12:48:50 in General Information

Before we dive right in the topic of discussing what the top online resources for SQL training are, let us know what SQL stands for and what it does. SQL is basically "Structured Query Language" is a programming language which is standardized for the management of relational databases and for performing different kinds of operations on any given data in them.


Does Your Web Design Fit With Your Brand?
by Manchun Kumar - 2017-01-12 02:42:09 in e-commerce

Website design, a design which represents you and your business in front of thousands of people over the Internet.


Importance Of Search Engine Optimization In Ecommerce Web Development
by Manchun Kumar - 2017-01-09 02:19:34 in e-commerce

The most powerful invention of today is the Digital Marketing. Earlier marketing means distributing pamphlets, advertisements at TVs, advertisement at radios, and more using the physical as well as electrical resources. Now, the trend gets changed and marketing becomes digital.