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VSphere 5 Storage DRS: Enables Cloud Hosting Companies To Ensure High Disk Performance
by Lisa Gecko - 2012-01-16 02:08:22 in Cloud Computing

One of the more impressive new additions from VMware included with the release of vSphere 5 is the Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS), which utilizes data store clusters to intelligently balance resource levels and oversee virtual disk placement automatically. Storage DRS and Profile-Driven Storage reduce the possibility of I/O bottlenecks, and provide a level of control over storage resources ensuring the highest disk performance to date.


Choose a Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Company that Supports Uploading Your Own Virtual Machine
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-10-21 12:19:30 in Choose your Host

Virtual dedicated server companies that allow customers to upload virtual machines offer tremendous benefits over those who require their users to use the hosting company’s templates or server images. Uploading a virtual machine allows you to convert a physical server to a virtual one, use an existing virtual server image, upload server files to a virtual hosting company, or have a hosting company put the virtual server in their environment for you.


Upgrade to Microsoft Project 2010; Compelling Features Enhance Project Collaboration and Management
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-10-18 03:22:28 in General Information

The new Microsoft Project 2010 make projects easier. The Project family builds on critical changes made in Microsoft Office Project 2007 and provides pathways for more complex project portfolios as your company’s expertise evolves.


Build a Better Business with SharePoint 2010
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-08-20 15:15:48 in General Information

Microsoft released SharePoint 2010 in May. The software provides better integration with products such as Microsoft Office and supplies flexible deployment and centralized administration, giving you the efficient and secure working environment you need.


The Benefits of a Virtual Appliance
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-08-06 10:14:57 in General Information

A virtual appliance is a software solution that combines an operating system and an application in one easy to install, virtual package. Unlike a hardware appliance, a virtual appliance doesn't require shipping, rack space, high cost, or lots of maintenance. Compared to traditionally delivered software, it eliminates installation, configuration, and maintenance costs.


Microsoft Office 2010 Offers Virtual Hosting Customers the Right Features
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-07-20 11:11:59 in General Information

The new Microsoft Office 2010 productivity suite, released in June, includes a broad selection of new and upgraded features. Primarily targeted at the business market, the updated version includes new ways to create, enhance, and co-author documents in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and OneNote, connect with contacts and keep track of events in Outlook, and deliver presentations using the Web.


Better Remote Access with Windows 2008 Terminal Services
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-02-16 12:30:49 in General Information

Terminal Services have been greatly enhanced in Windows 2008 from Windows 2003, adding functionality for single sign-on, better remote display options, reduced administrative complexity, web access, and plug-n-play device redirection. These services allow both hosting companies and their clients to more easily regulate remote services and offer remote users a smoother experience by increasing speed, reducing the need for multiple sign-ons, and providing a cleaner display.


Higher Productivity and Security with Windows 2008 Hosting
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-02-04 06:15:51 in Technical Support

The upgrade to Windows 2008 from Windows 2003 can bring a hosting customer multiple benefits, including power savings, better remote access, higher security, and the capacity to deliver streaming media, in addition to comprehensive disaster recovery, versatile operating system support, and new administration tools.


Flexible Hosting with vSphere
by Lisa Gecko - 2010-01-04 15:02:34 in General Information

Hosting companies are famous for offering rock bottom deals—loads of space for next to nothing. But often, those “deals” come at a high price, requiring a cookie-cutter approach that doesn’t work for today’s high energy, fast-reaction time companies.


Save Money on Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting with vSphere
by Lisa Gecko - 2009-12-01 11:22:22 in General Information

Virtualization helps server hosting companies save money by allowing server functions to live on fewer physical machines, saving space, power, maintenance, and up front acquisition costs. VMware takes virtualization further; its bare metal hypervisor runs more efficiently than OS-based virtualization, allows more processes to run with less operating system overhead, and offers many operating system choices for virtual machine users. ...more