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Daniel C
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Hi,My Name is Daniel and I am in IT industry since 2001.I work as freelancer and offer service like online marketing, web hosting advice, seo etc..
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Know Everything About Web Hosting
by Daniel C - 2019-04-09 12:26:43 in Basics

In the advent of digitized files, there has been a lot of technology that branched out from it and has successfully upgraded a technological lifestyle that the generation continues to enjoy. One of the main improvements in the society is that information has been easily shared throughout the world and among people through the internet.


Is It Worth Paying For Unlimited Hosting For Your Website?
by Daniel C - 2019-02-26 05:10:25 in Choose your Host

Most of the big hosting companies offers Unlimited hosting plans for shared hosting users. Have you ever thought do you really need it? How much your website actually need disk space and bandwidth?