Evan Morris

Evan Morris

Known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm. Evan works as a Freelance Networking Analyst, an avid blog writer, particularly around technology, cybersecurity and forthcoming threats which can compromise sensitive data. With a  vast experience of ethical hacking, Evan’s been able to express his views articulately.

Posts by Evan Morris

Know The Ways Of Speeding Up Your Website
by Evan Morris - 2020-06-25 05:18:51 in Technical Support

A slow website can kill your business by lowering traffic. Learn the ways by which you can speed up your website to attract visitors and improve conversions


Cloud Security - What Are The Challenges And Considerations
by Evan Morris - 2019-01-15 06:20:09 in Cloud Computing

Keeping data safe is everyone’s responsibility. With increased use of cloud technology, there are new challenges to doing this.


Is Cloud Computing The Answer To Increasing Cyber Attack Risks?
by Evan Morris - 2018-03-01 05:13:21 in Cloud Computing

Research shows that cyber attacks are growing today. At the same time, more businesses are turning to the cloud. Learn why this is a smart decision by them.