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Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, SEO, IT security and European businesses.

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Is Your Business Faltering Due To Computer Security?
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-11-16 04:15:10 in Technical Support

How well protected are your computer systems? Cyber-attacks are a genuine concern for businesses these days. With theGrant Thornton International Business Reportestimating that 15% of businesses have been a victim in the last year alone, the risk of cyber-attacks is too serious to overlook.


Checking In Regularly With Your Mainframe Team Is Vital
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-10-02 02:57:37 in General Information

Your mainframe team is tasked with the important job of keeping your mainframe working efficiently and doing what you need it to do. That's why checking in regularly with your mainframe team matters.


Cover All Your Ends With Big Data
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-10-01 04:52:07 in General Information

How is your data distribution looking? When it comes to software and apps, front and back end data distribution can make all the difference to resource use, the customer experience and data security.


Raise Your Cloud Standards To New Heights
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-09-01 04:19:45 in Cloud Computing

When it comes to using the Cloud in your business, naturally you want to keep things running as smoothly as possible.


How Secure Is Your Cyber Security Plan?
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-07-10 02:40:46 in Technical Support

As a small business owner, a decent cyber security plan is one of the most important things you can put in place for your business. A cyber security breach can have catastrophic knock on effects, especially if you're not prepared.


The Business Of Big Data And Your Company's Growth
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-07-07 02:39:53 in General Information

Are you using big data to boost your small business? Businesses these days have access to vast volumes of data, and if harnessed and analyzed correctly this data can give your small business a competitive edge.


Is Your CRM Implementation Letting You Down?
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-06-17 03:35:09 in General Information

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system can be a valuable tool for your business, helping to improve the customer experience and keeping your processes smooth. But hitches in your CRM implementation can have negative effects on your business.


Land On A Better Conversion Rate For Your Website
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-06-09 04:25:43 in Marketing

Is your landing page ready to convert? A landing page is your opportunity to grab your customers' attention and steer them towards buying from you.


Trends Emerge In The World Of App Development
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-05-25 02:51:04 in General Information

The app development world is always growing and changing. As more people turn to apps on their mobile devices, it's only natural that app development should grow and change with the times, too.


Website Or Software Got Your Business Down?
by Tristan Anwyn - 2015-04-29 04:16:23 in General Information

Is your software up to date? For many business owners, it's easy to push software updates to the bottom of the to do list, but in fact up to date software is important for keeping your business safe, secure, and running efficiently.