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Roko Nastic is writer and editor at WebmasterFormat. He enjoys helping other webmasters and website owners succeed in creating better, faster and more profitable websites.

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How Google and Twitter Can Help You Choose a Web Host: 3 Simple Techniques For Discovering Web Host Reputation
by Roko Nastic - 2011-04-11 13:27:53 in Choose your Host

How do you know if a web host is reputable? Would you trust the host themselves to tell you the truth? Or maybe a marketer earning commission-based sales? No way! The only way to be sure is to lobby for impartial advice and consumer opinion. And here are 3 simple techniques for doing just that.


Web Hosting Costs and What to Expect from a Provider
by Roko Nastic - 2011-03-08 14:01:41 in Basics

How much should you pay for web hosting? And what will you be getting for your money? These are very common questions often asked by website owners looking to choose a web host. The answer lies in what you personally need from a host and if you value performance over cost. It is ill-advised to run and sign up with the cheapest offering without fully inspecting their credentials. In the case of web hosting, less does not necessarily mean more... ...more

Why You Need To Avoid Some Hosting Packages Offering Free or Cheap Domain Names
by Roko Nastic - 2011-01-10 03:22:43 in Domain Names

Building a good reputation and spending years on customer relations and search engine optimization can suddenly count for very little if the domain name that everyone recognizes and trusts disappears into thin air – or even worse, gets hijacked by another company.


The Beginners Guide to Choosing the Best Web Host
by Roko Nastic - 2010-11-22 14:35:48 in Choose your Host

How do you choose the best web host? With so many options available it can be hard to know which hosting company to opt for. Here are 8 important factors to remember when searching for a reputable web host provider.


Hosting a High-Traffic Site: What Are Your Options?
by Roko Nastic - 2010-10-19 12:21:54 in Choose your Host

As computing power and bandwidth increase, so do the number of options for hosting a high-traffic site. But what’s the difference between load balancing, clustering and cloud hosting? How do these have bearing on your choice of host?


Cloud Hosting Providers: Pulling Aside the Marketing Curtain
by Roko Nastic - 2010-09-23 09:08:18 in Cloud Computing

When it comes time to choose a new hosting provider, companies everywhere are reaching for the cloud. Here are a few things to keep in mind so you end up with a true cloud host and not a marketing gimmick.


3 Common Beginner Misconceptions About Hosting That End in Regret
by Roko Nastic - 2010-05-20 09:33:12 in Basics

There are a surprisingly large number of misconceptions that are floating around, only to get scooped up by first-time hosting users. Some of these misconceptions make it almost impossible for a first-timer to make a good decision that will leave them satisfied. Fortunately, many of these misconceptions, especially the larger ones, can be easily dispelled with a little explanation and additional information.


Hosting a Hot Site: How Load Balancing Can Keep Data Flowing Fast
by Roko Nastic - 2010-03-22 06:33:21 in General Information

Load Balancing is one proven way to improve web hosting performance and keep critical sites running at maximum efficiency. This traffic distribution method is becoming more and more important as a way to ensure constant up time and data security.